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Rock Stylish Prints With Quick Dry Shorts

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Three Sixty Six Apparel’s offers a huge array of golf apparel.  They keep adding to the line up of collar and collarless golf shirts along with shorts and pull overs for both men and women.  They new prints offers some cool styles still at a great price and tons of color options.  I rocked a print polo for multiple rounds along with their quick dry shorts.

 This is the definitive Three Sixty Six Golf Apparel Review for 2023.

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So Many Choices!!

How do you decided what golf clothes you are going to buy?  Sometimes there is one choice and you pick your favorite brand.  Three Sixty Six is the complete opposite of that, there are hundreds of choices in plain, stripe and now prints.  There are different color choices as well as print choices.  Then you can go regular golf polo or collarless.  These all come at good pricing too.  Their pre-order program might be a waiting game, but the prices are AMAZING.  I added a print polo and quick dry shorts to my Three Sixty Six wardrobe.

Print Polo

The Three Sixty Six Print Polo is a beautiful golf shirt.  It is part of a collection of almost 30 print golf polos.  Some of the prints you can get in different colors while others are one off.  The Mini Flamingo and Palm comes in 4 color choices.  I went with the Coral color for something different in my closet.  The print and color are new to me.  The print shirt has a great fit, is very comfortable and works great on and off the course. It is lightweight and moisture wicking tech fabric without getting too thin. Sizing is spot on as I wore a M like I do from most companies.  I had a number of people that commented how much their like the print and color.

Quick Dry Shorts

The Three Sixty Six Quick Dry Shorts are another popular piece in their line up.  They are especially nice in AZ.  While I don’t get all that “wet” in the desert, when it rains it pours.  The heat also can make one pretty sweaty during an afternoon round.  These shorts are very lightweight and dry very fast.  It seems like you don’t even notice they were ever wet.  They come in 10 color choices which again is more than any other brand out there.  One of the unique fit features is an elastic waistband.  While I normally would consider that a sign of cheap apparel, this however is very well done and make them just a little more comfortable and forgiving in terms of size.  You really can’t even see if, especially if you wear a belt.  They also have silicone logos on the inside of the waistband to serve a “grippers” of the polo to keep it tucked in nicely. The material is lightweight 4-way stretch and very stylish perforated texture.  They fit perfectly in my normal 34″ waist.


Three Sixty Six Apparel offers so many cool print choices that it might be hard to pick your favorite.  If you want to add some flair to your golf shirt choices, you can pick out numerous prints at great prices (especially if you use our coupon code IGR15) Add a pair of shorts or two and you have one stylish ensemble to take to the golf course.  Their motto of working 366 day a year, 8 day a week and 25 hours a day shows in the quality and choices of golf apparel.  Three Sixty Six Apparel offers value, style, fit and function.

For more information:  Three Sixty Six Website 

Get 15% off with code IGR15

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