Bridgestone e Series Golf Balls Review

An e Series Golf Ball for Every Golfer's Need and Budget


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

Bridgestone makes some of the best performing golf balls in the business.  Their Tour line is outstanding, but don’t overlook the Bridgestone e Series Golf Balls.  These offer excellent performance at a budget price.  I was able to play the e Series a couple times outside this spring.  I also tested them on indoor simulators. 

This is the definitive review for the New 2023 Bridgestone e Series Golf Balls.

Choosing a golf ball can be just as tough sometimes as hitting one. Bridgestone has once again updated the e Series line up to help in satisfying the three P’s I commonly refer to when discussing golf balls: Performance, Price and Preferences. I played a few rounds with each of the new models for Bridgestone’s e Series to see how things stack up to my experience with prior models.

e 12 Contact

 Performance – Bridgestone introduces a New revolutionary FLEXATIV Cover Technology and Contact Force Dimple combine to create 46% more surface contact. That means greater energy transfer at impact for longer and straighter drives. The FLEXATIV cover also helps control spin, which helps create more lift and longer carry distances. I find the Bridgestone e12 Golf Ball to be the best all around golf ball in performance for straight distances with enough spin to control shots around the green.

Price – $34.99 dz

Preferences – Available in white, matte red, matte green, and matte yellow colors.

e 9 Long Drive

Performance – What more is there to say when the box says Long Drive. The Official Ball of the World Long Drive Association (WLD), the e9 ball is about as long and straight as you can get off the tee. Co-developed with the World Long Drive Association, this ball features Extreme Gradational core technology. The core is where a golf ball gets a large part of its distance from in regards to ball speed and feel. A fast outer core region to increase ball speed and a soft inner core region for optimal spin control. Additionally, the Bridgestone e9 Long Drive Ball features an aerodynamic 330-dimple cover which reduces drag and maximizes ball speed. Don’t expect this ball to be a high spinner in the mid to short game. Being a low launch and spin player, this ball struggled to get enough height to take advantage of the extra distance. 

Price – $29.99 dz

Preferences – Available in white only.

e 6 

Performance – In a blend of distance and feel, the e6 golf ball is your match. The e6 features a softer and larger core for faster compression, resulting in longer distance off the tee, while the seamless cover technology creates spin and feel for a combination to fit a majority of golfers. From the beginning of the e Series years ago, I have found the Bridgestone e6 Golf Ball to be the best all around golf ball when it comes to the 3 P’s. 

Price – $25.99 dz

Preferences – Available in white and optic yellow.


When it comes to choosing a golf ball, the one thing we do not lack is choice. I have played and reviewed Bridgestone golf balls through the years and find the entire line up is worthy of your choice. Looking to optimize your game with distance and control? – hit the e12 Contact ball. Want to hit it a mile off the tee? – grab the e9 Long Drive ball. Have too much spin/curve on your shots? – give the e6 a try.

For More Information:  Bridgestone Golf Website

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