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I installed a variety of RIPIT Grips on my clubs and putter which transformed their boring stock grips into something fun and functional.  There are multiple styles and colors which all offer a fun conversation point as well as excellent “stick” in the hands. You can pick your favorite grips or a multi-pack of all the grips for your club or set of clubs.  This upgrade is about performance and style.   

This is the definitive RIPIT Grips Review.

We found this product to be one of the top 3 Best Golf Grips in 2024.

Do Golf Club Grips Really Matter?

Yes is the simple answer, but how, is a little more technical.  Realistically “they” say grips should be changed at least every season.  It equates to a couple shots per round.  This can make a huge difference.  The grip is the one place that you connect with the club and how it fits, feels and “sticks” is very important.  New grips have a tendency to offer the best of those qualities to golfers.  That is why numerous studies have concluded that new grips improve your scores.  So if you want to help your golf game, swap out your grips for new ones.  While you’re at it, might as well have some fun, style and function.  RIPIT Grips are some of the most stylish grips I’ve seen and yet have a very functional design.


The RIPIT Grips are a standard “velvet” grip that have unique names and styles.  The rubber compound is soft and smooth yet grippy.  They have a nice feel to the touch with traction built in through the pattern and grooves. They install like any other grip with some tape and solvent.  They have a nice taper to them which will feel both comfortable and confident in your hands. While they all are a little different, they all are similar too.

23 Options

RIPIT Grips come in 23 different options with names like: The Daily Diet, Marilyn, The Big Cat, Geo, The Mary Jane, Uncle Sam, Bones, The Ripper, Take a Trip, Squiggle and The Bloody Ripper.  They are all super cool looking, have amazing graphics and offer a unique “traction” under hand.  I was impressed by the “grip” it actually creates as you squeeze the club.  We all have heard about loosening our grip pressure and these help with the combination of deep grooves and smaller ones which allow for reduced grip pressure yet plenty of “stick.” It is fun to bring style to your grips, especially when it works.

RIPIT Putter Grip

The RIPIT Putter Grip is different.  It is much more like an oversized grip from Superstroke. It has that smooth feel while having minimal taper and a large diameter in hand.  This putter grip matches the other grips with amazing style and function.  The oversized putter grips remain a popular choice amoung golfers, but they too have kind of a boring style.  This grip is a whole collage of prints and pictures. It is a great conversation piece on the greens, but also functions very well in hand.  I like the feel and control of the putter head with this grip.


RIPIT Grips offer amazing style, function and conversation starters.  You can express yourself while still getting the “stick” you need on the golf club. They offer the funkiest, coolest, and most interesting golf grips on the market.  John Daly would be proud to Grip It and RIPIT with all kinds of style and function.

For More Information: RIPIT Grips Website

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