Callaway Epic MAX LS Driver Review

The New “Gamer” is Still a Callaway Driver

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Callaway Epic MAX LS Driver

This is the definitive Callaway Epic MAX LS Driver Review for 2021.

I have used the Callaway Epic MAX LS driver for my last 15 rounds and will continue to do so in the future.  Callaway again takes the gamer spot in my bag with a different formula, but the same successful results. 

This is my review of how Callaway won the spot for the 5th year in a row through on course performance and FlightScope data.

Callaway Epic MAX LS Driver
Callaway Epic MAX LS Driver – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Callaway mixed up their line-up, but still won the gamer spot with outstanding performance in the MAX LS model.

  • 💰 Price From $529.99

  • ✅  Pros Distance, forgiveness, low spin, feel and overall performance. Gamer.

  • ⛔  Cons Not the lowest spinning driver.

  • ⛳  Verdict Callaway did it again; They won the gamer spot in the Independent Golf Reviews bag.


Every year I give the top drivers a shot a winning the “gamer” spot in my bag.  Whatever brand and whatever model needs to beat the previous “gamer” driver.  It is an annual tradition at Independent Golf Reviews to see who takes the crown each season.  It feels like a broken record to say that Callaway did it again.  I start to wonder if I have bias, start to question my method, I wonder if they really did produce the best driver for my bag again?  I’m like you and I read the other blogs, forums and reviews of golf products and they too validate my findings that Callaway makes the best driver for my bag.

Callaway made a change to their driver formula in 2021.  They went with Epic MAX, Epic Speed and Epic MAX LS (and two Triple Diamond models).  Noticeably gone is the Sub Zero model which has been my “Gamer” model over the years.   I went with Epic MAX LS.  It is the lower spinning model with MAX forgiveness.  This sounds like a match made in heaven.  I can get the low spin launch my swing demands, but also the forgiveness to help keep the ball in the fairway.

The Callaway Epic MAX LS has a noticeably larger footprint than the Sub Zero models of the past.  That large footprint creates more forgiveness.  The trick is to keep spin down with a large footprint driver.  Callaway managed to keep the spin low.  While not the lowest spinning, still lower than most.  What becomes more obvious is the wider face which offers more forgiveness.

The Callaway Epic MAX LS driver is the first driver I’ve had in my bag to average 300 yards off the tee for an entire round.  I hit 12 drivers during the rounds and hit a long of 332 and a short of 285.  After the round the average was 302.  I’ve never done that before.  I’ve hit long drives, but never had an average so long for all 18 holes.  While not every round since then has been that spectacular, it certainly is the longest driver in terms of average distance off the tee.

Callaway Epic MAX LS Driver STATS

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 2043 rpms

 Launch Angle: 14.7*

 Club Head Speed: 109.0 mph

 Ball Speed: 162.1 mph

 Total Distance: 304.9 yds

 Carry Distance: 290.1 yds

The Callaway Epic MAX LS driver became my gamer in spite of a late-summer slump.  I went through a testing rough patch with my driver swing.  It didn’t matter what I had in my hands, I didn’t have a clue where the ball was going.  It wasn’t the drivers fault, but the guy swinging it.  Even with the mess of a month on the course with the driver. I still found the Callaway Epic MAX LS the most forgiving during that stretch.  It wasn’t pretty, but the ball was still on the course for the most part.  While it didn’t feel forgiving because of how bad I was swinging, the reality was that it saved my game for a number of rounds when the driver swing went away.

The technology behind the Callaway Epic MAX LS is built on the same foundation that Callaway has used in the past:  AI designed Flash Face, JailBreak Speed Frame technology for improved energy return, a carbon fiber crown for the most weighting options, and adjustable weights and hosel to adjust to each individual golfer. It simply means that Callaway is staying ahead of the competition with technological advances.  It means on the course, you can be confident you’ve got the best driver in your hands.


Every driver gets the same opportunity to win the “gamer” spot every season.  If it performs, it wins.  The Callaway Epic MAX LS driver did it again with performance.  While I was worried that without the Sub Zero model, I wouldn’t find a fit, but the MAX LS offered both the low spin and forgiveness my swing needed.  The combination of Distance and Forgiveness made for some Epic rounds with the Callaway Epic MAX LS in the bag.

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