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This is the definitive JP Premier Wedge Review for 2021.

I played 14 rounds of golf with these wedges in my bag. I also practiced with these wedges on my backyard putting green and hit them on my FlightScope Launch Monitor for performance data.

I have over 10 years of experience testing and reviewing golf clubs and these are the best wedges I’ve ever played.

JP Premier Wedge – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About The JP Premier Wedges are the newest line of short game tools from the creative mind of James Patrick Harrington.

  • 💰 Price $600+

  • ✅  Pros CAMBER, Multi-material construction, Amazing aesthetics, Custom specs, Spin, Success around greens

  • ⛔  Cons One of the most expensive wedges on the market

  • ⛳  Verdict A version of JP Wedges has been in my bag for the last 8 seasons, these however are the best model yet.

The wedge market is a unique beast.  They are tools designed for precision around the green, but also have become another place for personal style and expression.  Since most shots are partial and high spin, they tend not to see much in terms of technology.  Whether cast or forged, they don’t get the focus like drivers, putters, or even irons.  If you browse the shelves of any golf store, you see pretty much the same club, just different logos.  While there are lots of bounce and grind options, they are the same company to company.  The JP Premier Wedge is unlike anything else out there with its multi-material construction, precise CG and Camber.  If you want technology and performance in your wedges, check out the JP Premier Wedges.

The JP Brand isn’t exactly new  but the Premier line is new in terms of a complete build from the ground up and now as a completely independent brand.   The Premier wedge line is the most technological wedge on the market by a long shot.  There is nothing else like it.  The line builds on the previous JP wedge technologies and takes that to new heights.  They also bring back some old style with the 3 toe weights.  These are tools and they are art.

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The JP Premier wedges are built around the engine of Camber.  Camber is the rounding of the sole in all 4 directions.  The relief heel to toe, as well as it paired with the bounce leading edge to trailing edge.  This Camber is what drives the performance of the JP Premier Wedges.  Since turf interaction is pretty much the key to any wedge, Camber is really the best available tool for clean, crisp shots no matter the lie or turf.  It cuts through thick rough, it clips cleanly off tight turf, and makes the perfect divot on manicured fairways.  When the motto is Camber is King, it is 100% accurate.

The JP Premier Wedges come in 2 bounce options, high and mid.  JP doesn’t put numbers on bounce because there are so many different ways to measure; static bounce vs active bounce as well as inconsistency across the industry about actual degrees of bounce.  Years of fitting and building led to the conclusion that the majority of golfers don’t have enough bounce that is why only mid and high bounce options.  A few years back I did the full exclusive JP wedge fitting so I have my exact specs on record in the JP database.  Mine are the high bounce model because of my angle of attack.
The JP Premier Wedge has a multi-material construction that is unlike anything else you can find.  There is Carbon and Stainless Steel, Tungsten, Titanium, and Proprietary Lightweight Resins which make these an engineering masterpiece.  It is all designed to super tune the CG to the exact center.  There is a whole lot going on internally, and you get a sense of that from the external shell.  It too shows a bunch of the technology and hides the rest.  The JP custom colored inlay hides the weight port for injection weighting.  The 3 dots are back which has been a JP signature since his early shop days.  I went with black and red as my main color palette to match the iGR logo.  (The scraped plate is so cool) There are however a number of other titanium plate options and endless JP logo options.

The JP Premier Wedge backs up its looks and technology with performance around the greens.  You will not find a more pure feeling or precise hitting wedge out there.  Every swing you know that this wedge will do what you need it to do.  That doesn’t mean you can’t flip it, scull it or hosel rocket it, that is your swing; but proper mechanics are rewarded with precise shots.  The precision milled grooves allow you to spin the ball like a top on full shots, but also grip the ball significantly on partial shots to provide grip, stop and control.

The JP Premier Wedge is my gamer set.  I play a 50*, 54*, and 58* to go with my irons for proper gapping and distance.  While you might think of AZ as hard dry turf, which we do have much of the year; we also get monsoon rains in the summer that cause the grass to get super lush.  These wedges are versatile for both conditions; they can cut through anything, without digging in.  The Camber works great even off the hard pan.  This all creates confidence which leads to even better wedge shots.  I play the 50* as my gap wedge and almost exclusively for full shots.  It launches the ball high with amazing sticking power so it is attack-mode on every shot with this club.  The 54* tends to be mostly full shots, but sometimes partial shots that I want to run out more.  The control of spin with this club is such a key to hitting the shot you want.  The 58* is everything 80 yards and in.  It is the most versatile club in my bag.  It can bump, chip, flop and pitch from everywhere.  I’ve had a number of chip-ins and almost chip-ins with this club.

JP Premier Wedge 58* Statistics

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 11,750 rpms

 Launch Angle: 55.8*

 Club Head Speed: 75.5 mph

Dispersion: 2.2 yds

 Ball Speed: 78.3 mph

 Total Distance: 81.0 yds

 Carry Distance: 80.2 yds


The JP Premier Wedges have Undeniable Beauty, Unrivaled Technology, and Unmatched Performance.  They are however spendy.   Like every review I’ve ever written, I say the same thing; I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money.  You might think $600+ for a single wedge is crazy, but in terms of scoring clubs, wedges are probably the 2nd most important clubs in your bag (after putter).  If you want to play the absolute best wedges money can buy, then the JP Premier Wedges are for you.  In a category that doesn’t see much technological advances, the JP Premier Wedges are light years ahead of everyone else.  There is simply nothing else like it.  I’ve played JP wedges for years because they are fit to my game and superior to all other wedges.  The JP Premier wedges aren’t going anywhere, they are my gamers.

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