Callaway Weather Spann 2023 Golf Glove Review

Surprisingly Durable and Functional in All Weather Conditions

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I sported a Callaway Weather Spann 2023Golf Glove on my left hand for 5 rounds of golf and a couple hours of range time.  The Callaway Weather Spann 2023 Golf Gloves looks like any other premium golf glove, but holds up to the abuse a glove takes in the summer in AZ much better than most gloves.  

This is the definitive Callaway Weather Spann 2023 Golf Glove Review for 2023.

Aren’t All Golf Gloves the Same?

If you walk into a golf store and look at the huge selections of golf gloves, they tend to look and sound the same.  Sure there are color options, there are different brands, but basically they are all some take on cabretta leather.  While over the years that has proven to be the best and most popular option for golf gloves.  Callaway however decided to use different materials in the Callaway Weather Spann 2023 golf glove which is surprisingly durable, comfortable and functional in all weather conditions.

Why Am I Surprised?

I know this glove comes from Callaway, but numerous OEMs have made synthetic golf gloves before and usually they leave me disappointed since they don’t feel as good as leather, nor do they hold up as good.  There is always a trade off when you move away from the tried and true materials.  This is what surprised me is that the Callaway Weather Spann 2023 golf glove with FUSETECH™ Synthetic is actually better than a standard glove.  It is just as comfortable and yet is more durable and more weather resistant.

3 Different Materials

The Callaway Weather Spann 2023 Golf Glove has 3 different material (actually 4 if you count velcro).  There are still a couple cabretta leather patches on the palm in the “grip” area.  This ensures the standard feel and grip where golfers are used to it.  The rest of the palm and fingers are made with a special synthetic “leather” called FUSETECH™ which has micro-ventilation.  It mimics cabretta leather perfectly, while offering better weather function.  The top of the glove has a asymmetrical patch that stretches over the knuckles to create a tight, yet comfortable fit.


The Callaway Weather Spann 2023 Golf Glove is designated as an all weather glove.  While it might not replace my rain gloves, it certain impressed in the 115* summer heat in AZ.  Moisture can be one of the most destructive elements for gloves.  I’ve already worn through a glove in one round in the extreme heat because of sweat and moisture.  The other problem is between rounds your glove becomes a crusty crumple of leather.  The Callaway Weather Spann 2023 Golf Glove is different.  The FUSETECH™ synthetic held up impressively to the heat and sweat of my hands.  It survived a quick monsoon shower, it survived the dirt and grime from the range, and even being crumpled up in my bag between rounds, it felt almost like new after 5 rounds.  I am impressed by how well it held up, how comfortable it remains and how good it still looks and functions.


If you are willing to break free from cabretta leather, you will be impressed by the fit, the comfort, the durability and the grip of the Callaway Weather Spann 2023 Golf Glove.  I am surprised how much I like the FUSETECH™ synthetic and how well it functions on the course.  Gloves are only a $20 investment in your golf game, but they are one of the connecting points to the club so finding one that functions, fits and holds up is pretty valuable to your game.  The rack might look overwhelming at the store, but take a look at this $13.00 Callaway  Weather Spann 2023 golf glove which can hold up to any conditions you throw at it.

For More Information: Callaway Website

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