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I tested the Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch for 4 rounds of golf and work days off the course. While all the bells and whistles of a fancy watch might be nice, sometimes the simplicity of a GPS golf watch that gives yardages, keeps score and tells time is plenty.  It might be just a golf watch… but it does everything you need at a reasonable price point.   

This is the definitive Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch Review for 2023.


Just a GPS golf watch?

Originally watches were just made to tell time.  While you can still buy a time only watch; many are packed with numerous other features.  But how many do you need?  I can appreciate the simple features of the Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch; GPS distances, scorecard, and time.  If you don’t want to invest numerous greens fees into your watch, this might be the best budget watch on the market that still does what you need for accurate distances while playing 18 holes. It also grabs some style points with the black or grey watch which comes with 2 silicone bands which you can choose from 12 color options.  I went with the grey watch and the black and red bands.


The Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch starts with a simple, clear, easy to read color display.  It adjusts to the lighting outside so it can be read in dim twilight lighting to full noon AZ sun.  It is not touchscreen which might seem odd, but actually keeps it clean and easy to read.  The 4 buttons are labeled so it is easy to navigate the features of the watch.  It shows the front, middle, back, hole, par, score to par, battery life and time.  You can scroll to get hazard, water and bunker yardages too.  It is big enough to see easily, while staying lightweight and thin for comfort while swinging.

Golf Function

The Shot Scope G5 GPS Golf Watch is designed to get the job done without connecting to a phone.  It comes preloaded with thousands of golf courses and is ready to go right out of the box.  It takes a minute to find a satellite.  You select the course you are playing, decide if you are keeping score on the watch and then go.  It is fast and accurate.  The buttons make it easy to scroll and select.  The auto advance between holes worked perfectly and having my score in relationship to par let me know how I was scoring.  It connect to the app for additional tracking and statistics.

Battery Life

The Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch is good for 36 holes of golf.  I remembered that to get the most battery life out of the Shot Scope G5 GSP Watch you need to power it down between rounds.  While it automatically “sleeps” between shots, it doesn’t shut off.  It remains connected to the GPS satellite even after you are home and you golf clubs are put away. You can wear it as a regular watch which doesn’t drain the battery much, but again if you leave GPS on it will.  One of the best features of this watch is how fast it charges.  No surprise I left it on after a round of golf and the watch was dead.  It took 1 hour to charge it from 0% to 100%.  That was impressive and was accomplished while I got ready in the morning for my round.  If you are driving to the course, you can probably charge it in the car with the USB charging cord and get enough.  You just can’t leave it in your golf bag expecting it to be ready for your next round.


The Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch is the best budget GPS golf watch on the market.  It offers everything a golfer needs with multiple style options at a reasonable price.  It is easy to use with labeled buttons and shows clear and accurate GPS distances.  It is very lightweight and comfortable which makes it easy to wear for 18 holes or longer.  If you just want a golf watch, you need to check out Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch.

For more information:  Shot Scope Website

Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Shot Scope makes golf measuring and shot tracking devices. The new G5 GPS watch is a basic debvice which offers accurate GPS distances without the bells and whistles. It has stylish options along with a clear display and button navigation.

  • ✅  Pros: Color display, 36 hole battery life, Accurate distances, Golf app features, Stylish band options, Easy to use buttons, Reasonable price.

  • ⛔  Cons: Limited features.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch is a budget friendly golf only watch. It offers the basic features needed for 18 holes of golf in a stylish and affordable package. You get yardages, hazard information, score, and time. The preloaded courses and app connected features make this a well rounded package for the price conscience golfer.


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