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Clean Grooves = Better Shots

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I scrubbed my clubs with the Clean Stick Golf Brush over my last 6 rounds.  It is groove brush that has a built in spray bottle.  The combination of brush and water are key to removing dirt and debris from club grooves.  It can also be used for overall cleaning of anything golf related.  

This is the definitive Clean Stick Golf Brush Review for 2023.

Clean Grooves = Better Shots.  It is a pretty simple equation and proven by plenty of research and data.  In order to fully compress the ball, engage the grooves and impart the maximum efficiency of the club hitting the ball; clean grooves are required.   There are many different ways to have clean grooves: towel, brush, tee, hands, shoes, pants, sleeve, spit, water, etc.  I’m sure there is some other method not on this list, but basically you need something to get the dirt, grass and gunk out of the grooves and off the face.  Sometimes even the rest of the club and cavity need to be cleaned off too.  Clean Stick Golf Brush is the best I’ve used to clean my grooves.

What makes Clean Stick Golf Brush the best?  The water sprayer is the best I’ve used because it mists the water onto the club instead of drips, drops or big squirts of water.  The light mist covers a big area easily and quickly.  It is fast and effective and doesn’t waste much water.  Other “water” brushes drip water all over the ground; however Clean Stick Golf Bush keeps all the mist on the club instead of on the ground or on your golf bag, or whatever ends up under your club while cleaning it.

The Clean Stick Golf Brush applies the mist of water with a push button spay that comes out through the bristles.  While the water reservoir isn’t very big, it holds plenty for a full round of golf because the mist is fine and you don’t need gallons of water to clean a single club.  The reservoir is a 1/4 twist “cup” that attaches to the end of the brush and sprayer mechanism.  The button on the handle of the brush is big and easy to push meaning you can apply water simply with one hand.

The Clean Stick Golf Brush has a “tooth brush” like look to it which has strong nylon bristles that are plentiful but soft enough to have the balance of strong yet soft to get in the grooves, clean out the dirt, but not harm the finish.  Thin enough to fit, but firm enough to not mash.  The overall size is nice so that it fits in my hands nicely and fairly ergonomic for putting good “push” into the scrubbing.  Overall it feels natural and easy to clean clubs and grooves with the spray water and brush.

The Clean Stick Golf Brush attaches to the bag with a double carabiner and strong magnetic “clasp”.  This offers quick and easy attach and release from the bag, while not being tethered to the bag within the couple of feet most tethers offer.  The magnet is very strong yet easy to separate with a quick pull, but strong enough attraction that when you get them close together, they immediately latch up.


The Clean Stick Golf Brush is the best golf club cleaner brush you can buy.  At $15 it is worth every penny for cleaner grooves.  The design is excellent, the scrubbing ability is strong and the application of water is perfect.  While I don’t understand their slogan, “For a cleaner face and mouth” I understand the benefit of this brush with water for cleaning my club clean for every shot.  This brush in combination with any towel to dry them off is the perfect combo for Clean Grooves = Better Shots. 

For More Information: Clean Stick Golf Brush

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