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I wear TRUE shoes at least 5 days a week.  The TRUE LUX Hybrid was worn multiple time off-course and on-course over the past month. The new LUX Hybrid shoe combines all the comfort features of TRUEs I love and adds some stability to the mid-foot and heel area.  These are some seriously good walking shoes for golfers that want both comfort and stability.

This is the definitive TRUE LUX Hybrid Shoes Review for 2023.

If there is ever a “knock” on TRUE golf shoes, it is their stability.  They are certainly the most comfortable shoe you can wear, and offer zero drop or near zero drop benefits for walking, but if you need a little extra stability to keep your feet from rolling while swinging or even just tighter while walking, you’ve probably gravitated toward other brands.  The new TRUE LUX Hybrid shoes have added some stability to go with their extreme comfort.  They are not going to replace some of the extremely stable shoes made by other OEMs, but they will be more stable than other TRUE shoes.

The TRUE LUX Hybrid shoes start with the Wanderlux comfort midsole and spikeless traction.  The LUX line uses the same comfortable cushion under the foot.  The other LUX Sport and LUX Pro have the same base for their shoes.  It offers the most cushion of any TRUE Shoe.  The extra foam layer means the softest step.  The TRUE LUX Hybrid is excellent right out of the box for cushioned steps for all 18 holes.  I often go 1/2 at work, then 18 holes, then off to a kids activity and the TRUE LUX hybrid offer amazing cushion and comfort for being on my feet all day.

The uppers of the TRUE LUX Hybrid is a combination of the Sport and Pro Model.  The Sport weave material makes up the majority of the shoe with the Pro leather wrap around the heel and over the mid-foot area.  The Sport fabric is incredibly comfortable, flexible and waterproof.  The Pro leather wrap allows the shoes to be  tightened up around the heel area and mid-foot giving a more locked in/locked down feeling to the shoe.  The Hybrid is designed to offer the best of both worlds.  Comfort and Stability.

The TRUE LUX Hybrid shoes come in 5 color options: White, Grey, Black, Navy and Tan Saddle.  They all look great and have some really cool subtle style like camo leather saddle.  The color choices will fit any golfers needs or wants.  The TPU heel stabilizer and lock strap look like a style feature but they really help lock the heel into the shoe.  This shoe is really all about the little details that make it great.

The TRUE LUX Hybrid Shoe offers the best of all worlds with their extremely flexible comfort and yet good stability with the leather saddle wrap.  The pull loops on the tongue and heel make them easy to get on and off.  The spikeless traction is excellent on any surface.  I tested them on dry, damp, thin and thick turf conditions.  I walked flat and hilly courses over the last month, I found the fairway and the rough during those rounds of golf too.  I had absolutely zero slippage.  The tread pattern works great on any surface for comfortable on or off the course usage. 


TRUE upped the ante again with the LUX Hybrid shoes.  They combine the best of both worlds of comfort and stability.  The style is subtle and fashionable for wearing with pants, shorts or jeans.  You can wear them on or off the course for an entire day without sore feet.  If you swing really hard, put a lot of stress on your feet during a round or just want a little extra stability, the TRUE LUX Hybrid shoes are for you.

For more information:

  • ℹ️  About: TRUE continues to be my "go-to" shoe on or off the course. The LUX Hybrid is a combination of comfort and stability. If you want something that is very flexible, waterproof yet stable, these are your shoe.

  • ✅  Pros: Comfort, Style, Stability, Traction, Cushion, Waterproof, 5 Color choices.

  • ⛔  Cons: None

  • ⛳  Verdict: The TRUE LUX Hybrid blend all of TRUE's best features into a very stylish shoe. You get the Sport knit comfort with the Pro leather stability. TRUE designed another winner with the LUX Hybrid.


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