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GlideRails for Straight High Shots

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I gamed the Cleveland Halo XL 3-Wood during 5 rounds this spring.  It just hits the ball high and straight.  Cleveland expanded the Halo XL fairway wood from their previous version, so it is as XL as it gets in the fairway wood world.  The GlideRail system is also improved which means excellent turf interaction from any lie.      

This is the definitive Cleveland Halo XL 3-Wood Review for 2024.



I’ve often spoken of the success I’ve had with hybrids/woods with some sort of “rudder” system on the sole.  GlideRail is the 2 rails on the bottom of the Cleveland Halo XL 3-Wood. They are redesigned in this model from previous ones.  They are thicker up front and tapered  toward the back. They stabilize the entire sole through the turf to keep the head square but also avoids digging. They serve as a gentle guide to keep the club head from twisting at impact.   These have proven useful out of tough lies as well as clean fairway shots.

Halo XL Head

The Cleveland Halo XL 3-Wood is one of the larger fairway wood heads on the market.  At 190cc it has a deeper face and longer heel to toe.  That means the hitting face and sweet spot are bigger than most 3-woods on the market.  If you don’t hit your 3-wood consistently well, this could be a great choice because of the larger face, bigger head and more forgiveness.  The XL head is paired with Cleveland’s Hi-Bore technology which means the step down crown gives it that unique look almost like a 2 piece crown.

High Launch

The Cleveland Halo XL 3-Wood launches the ball quickly and easily.  You can launch this 15* head high, but it still carries a long ways.  High launch is good for many golfers to maximize their distance.  It really pops of the face, but still flat flight through the apex.  It is the combination of GlideRail, Hi-Bore, and XL Rebound Frame that move the weight low, back and to the perimeter.  This combination of features gets the ball in the air quickly.  If towering 3-wood or additional launch match your needs, the Halo XL might be perfect for your game.


The Cleveland Halo XL 3-Wood is great off the tee, but nearly as easy to hit from the fairway and pretty darn solid out of the rough.  I found it pretty consistent in distance from most lies.  I found it pretty easy to point and shoot.  I didn’t find it overly bias one way or the other.  It is big so it isn’t the best in deep rough, but everywhere else it was very versatile. 


The Cleveland Halo XL 3-Wood comes stock with a Mitsubishi Tensai AV Blue shaft.  The option to get Arccos is included in a grip cap too all support great on course performance.  I was impressed by this big 3-wood launching the ball way up in the air, watching it stay straight and land softly.  I love the turf interaction with the Gliderail keeping the head from twisting and digging.  The feel is a hollow pop which offers a nice crack at impact.  It really shines in consistency and forgiveness.  It felt like every shot looked the same, went about the same distance and resulted in successful 3-wood shots which everyone can appreciate.


Cleveland redesigned their Halo line with the new Halo XL 3-Wood.  It got bigger and yet remained a versatile club that can generate high launch and straight shots.  It is big for confidence behind the ball and the new GlideRails gently guide the head through the turf.  If you want more forgiveness, higher launch and a bigger 3-wood head, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  You can stand over your fairway wood shot with confidence in your Cleveland Halo XL 3-Wood.     

For more information: Cleveland Website

Cleveland Halo XL 3-Wood – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Cleveland redesigned their wood line with the new Halo XL 3-Wood. It is one of the bigger 3-woods you can by, has a deep face, lots of forgiveness and GlideRails for more versatility.

  • ✅  Pros: GlideRail straight, Big footprint, High launch, Good Distance, Solid Hollow feel, Versatile.

  • ⛔  Cons: Big 3-Wood.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you want a big, versatile, high launching and straight hitting fairway wood, the Cleveland Halo XL 3-Wood is just what you are looking for. GlideRail offers versatility from every lie so you can confidently hit every shot.


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