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Dynapwr Distance Now Comes With Excellent Feel

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The Wilson Staff Dynapwr Forged Irons were my tools for shooting low scores over the course of 6 rounds this spring. I also tested them on the range and in the Office by Carl’s Place DIY Simulators.  The combination of on-course testing and FlightScope numbers proved the 2024 forged version of the longest iron in golf didn’t disappoint.  While not quite as long, they are still one of the longer irons in golf with incredible feel and looks to boot.         

This is the definitive Wilson Staff Dynapwr Forged Irons Review for 2024.



The original Wilson Dynapwr Irons were first introduced in 1956.  They were revolutionary at the time and in 2023, they are revolutionary again.  The 2024 Wilson Staff Dynapwr Forged Irons take that legend another step with incredible feel and looks. The use of A.I. Technology and human feedback led to an even better design for super long irons but in a more “player” friendly package.

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The name of the new Wilson Staff Dynapwr Forged Irons suggests a change in construction, but is more than just making the same iron with a different construction.  This is a different design, headshape, metal, specs etc.  The Forged model obviously has better feel by design and material.  This is certainly appealing to the more discerning gofler.  The specs are more less distance which creates a more “normal” iron and wedge configuration.  Plus they have much more pleasing look in the bag and behind the ball.  There is less offset, more compact top line and just check all the boxes of a forgiving yet forged players distance iron.

Player’s Distance

The Wilson Dynapwr Irons were the longest irons in 2023.  The Wilson Staff Dynapwr Forged Irons are long, but not the longest.  They are part of the new and growing “Player’s Distance” category of irons.  This is popular among better golfer who are either chasing distance or have lost distance as they age.  Either way they don’t want to sacrfice feel, control and looks for 10 yards.  The Dynapwr Forged irons has weaker lofts than their non-forged counterparts.  This means they are not a full 2 clubs longer, but 1 to 1.25 clubs longer than what I’d call standard irons.

Power Hole Forgiveness

The Wilson Staff Dynapwr Forged Irons are very forgiving becuase of the continuous evolution of their slot technology called Power Hole.  The 4-6 irons have holes in the soles which maintain high ball speed and launch on off center shots, especially those low on the face.  This mean lot of fogiveness all over the face.  The cavity back design is sleek, but pulls the weight away from the hosel which helps keep everything moving forward with speed and direction.  The Stock KBS Lite Shaft are high launching easy to hit shaft also which helps get the ball up in the air and headed toward the target.  I’ve been very happy with the on course results by hitting greens and shooting good score with these irons.  I’m torn on the stock set  make up 5-PW.  I’d love to see one club on either side added to the stock set.  They can be ordered so just take that into account when buying this set.

Wilson Staff Dynapwr Forged 8 Iron Stats

Data from Flightscope MEVO+ 2023 Launch Monitor

➜ Spin: 7461 rpms

➜ Launch Angle: 29.9*

➜ Dispersion: 2.4 yds

➜ Club Head Speed: 92.0 mph

➜ Ball Speed: 118.8 mph

➜ Total Distance: 162.5 yds

➜ Carry Distance: 155.9 yds


Wilson continues to impress with the Dynapwr series.  The Wilson Staff Dynapwr Forged Irons combine distance with good looks, feel, and forgiveness.  While not as long as the originals, they fit the eyes and needs of better golfers that are chasing more than just distance, but want a well rounded iron for performance in every area of the game.  Now you can increase your distance while not giving up feel or performance.  Take a look at the new Wilson Staff Dynapwr Forged Irons.    

For more information: Wilson Website

Wilson Staff Dynapwr Forged Irons – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: From the company that brought you the longest irons in 2023, now they add feel forgiveness and looks to these distance irons. While not as crazy long, these still have Dynapwr in a great looking forged players distance iron.

  • ✅  Pros: Dynapwr distance, Soft forged feel,Easy launch, Power Hole forgiveness.

  • ⛔  Cons: 5-PW stock set.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you want to add some distance to your irons game without sacrficing feel, looks and forgiveness, the Wilson Staff Dynapwr Forged Irons are the perfect upgrade to your current irons.


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