Sundog Eyewear Men's Sunglasses Review

Lens Tech Matched with Style and Comfort


Ryan Heiman
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I wear sunglasses every day and Sundog Eyewear became my go-to sunglasses over the last month.  I’m impressed by the technology of their lenses, the protection for my eyes, the variety of styles they offer and how comfortable they are to wear all day.  They have the ideal blend of dark shade while still allowing plenty of light for clear vision.  If you are in the market for sunglasses, check out Sundog Eyewear Men’s Sunglasses. 

This is the definitive Sundog Eyewear Men’s Sunglasses Review for 2024.

See The Difference

I have sunglasses protecting my eyes anytime I step outside.  They are as critical to my wardrobe as a pair of shoes.  I also wear contact lenses so having that additional protection from sun and dust in important in AZ.  I don’t play golf without them either.  One of the most important features of the sunglasses is the lens.  While there are cheap $5 sunglasses from the gas station that will offer some sun and dust protection, you can see the difference when you put on a pair of Sundog Eyewear Sunglasses.   The clarity, the “darkness” the tones, etc. they are all enhanced rather than diminished.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are a polarizing topic in golf.  It seems some golfers love them and others hate them.  I’m on the love them side. I find they make the colors and contour pop so that it makes it easier to read the greens, see the ball and enjoy 18 holes.  They can “wash out” the LCD display in your laser, but with a little manipulation you quickly learn to move it a little and the numbers come perfectly into view.  I like how polarization reduces glare which can easily bounce off club faces.  Sundog sandwiches their polarizing film between the layers of their lenses so that you won’t scratch it off.


Everyone needs a good pair of aviators.  This style is iconic and classic and can be worn in any situation.  The Sundog Eyewear Bobby Sunglasses model is a hybrid version of aviators.  Instead of a thin metal frame, they use a tortoise shell plastic to create the shape and style.  They maybe draw a little more attention to the frame, but I love the classic look.  The plastic frame also feels way more durable than a typical aviator.  They are also super lightweight and have really nice flex to them making them very comfortable.  You simply can’t go wrong with these stylish, comfortable, polarized lens sunglasses.

TrueBlue Polarized Plus Lenses

While polarized lenses help with glare while retaining great clarity, when you add Sundog’s TrueBlue Plus you not get unmatched blue light filtering.  This is the eye straining light that comes from screens. While golfing you might think you have escaped the glow of screens only to find yourself looking at GPS, texting on your phone, or posting on social media.  I even played with a guy on his laptop the full 18 holes.  Screens are everywhere and being able to block that out can really reduce the strain on our eyes.  Sundog this without missing a beat and you wouldn’t even know at first glance that this technology was built into the lenses.

Billie 83

The Sundog Eyewear Billie 83 Sunglasses are a sport wrap style that has become incredibly popular on the golf course.  They are frameless on the lower half and offer great peripheral vision wrap for both protection and clarity. Between the wind and catching just a glance of the ball, it is important to have lenses that sit close to the face, offer great clarity wrapped around they eye and no frame to block the view of the ball.   This style paired with the Sundog TrueBlue polarized plus lens makes for one of the best golf sunglasses you can buy.


Sundog Eyewear makes some of the best sunglasses fro golf you can buy.  They have incredible lens tech that offers clarity and protection.  Each season they bring new styles to the market that will upgrade your look.  You can get different levels of light protection while still maintaining clarity.  I love how you can see the difference when you put them on. If you are looking to have the best lens tech while having great clarity and comfort, then Sundog Eyewear is for you.

For More Information: Sundog Eyewear

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