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GlideRails for Straight High Shots

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I hit the Cleveland Halo XL Hybrid during 4 rounds this spring.  It just hits the ball high and straight.  Cleveland actually shrunk the Halo XL Hybrid from their previous version, but it is still fairly XL in the hybrid world.  The GlideRail system is also improved which means excellent turf interaction from any lie.      

This is the definitive Cleveland Halo XL Hybrid Review for 2024.



I’ve often spoken of the success I’ve had with hybrids/woods with some sort of “rudder” system on the sole.  GlideRail is the 3 rails on the bottom of the Cleveland Halo XL Hybrid. They are redesigned in this model from previous ones.  They are tapered and a little thinner.  You don’t want them digging into the ground, but a gentle guide to keep the club head from twisting too much is ideal.  Especially on a hybrid these have proven useful out of tough lies.

Halo XL

The Cleveland Halo XL Hybird is still on the larger side of hybrids on the market, but for 2024 it has shrunk.  I think this is a good thing considering the most common use for hybrids is to blend between woods and irons and as their other name suggests: rescue.  If you are trying to get out of thick rough, a smaller head will cut through easier.  I think the smaller (still XL) head looks better behind the ball.  It still has some pop like a fairway wood, but easier to get through the turf, no matter how thick or thin.

High Launch

The Cleveland Halo XL Hybrid launches the ball quickly and easily.  You can launch this 18* high, but it still carries a long ways and then stops on the green.  High launch is good for many golfers to maximize their distance.  It really pops of the face, kind of like a fairway wood, but still flat flight through the apex.  I appreciate the ease in which it launches, yet didn’t get caught up in the wind with penetrating carry.


The Cleveland Halo XL Hybrid can hit about any shot you need between 200 and 220 depending depending on the lie and need.  It is going to be hard to get the full off the tee distance out of thick rough, but still getting solid distance is possible when grass slows the head down a little.  Off the tee this club hits missiles down the fairway which max out the distance.  I often play a higher loft in my hybrid for more versatility, but this one impressed because of how straight and high it launched, yet it hit good distance. I tried it from every lie imaginable and it worked effortlessly on every shot.  I can’t really say it has a bias, it seemed to hit straight, not much curve one way or the other. The combination of GlideRail, high launch, hefty size and power means this is one versatile club in any situation.


The Cleveland Halo XL Hybird comes stock with a Mitsubishi Tensai AV Blue shaft.  The option to get Arccos is included in a grip cap too all support great on course performance.  While I prefer looking at something a little smaller behind the ball, this club inspires confidence with the large head and the results are hard to argue with; high launch, straight shots, that fit the target distance I’m trying to hit with a hybrid.  I actually hit a few approach shots over the green with this club.  


Cleveland redesigned their Halo line with the new Halo XL Hybird.  It is a versatile club that can generate high launch and goes straight.  It is big for confidence behind the ball and the new GlideRails gently guide the head through the turf.  If you want to expand your hybrid usage on the course with more launch, more distance, more straight and more size, this will help you survive the wayward ball no matter where you find yourself on the course.   

For more information: Cleveland Website

Cleveland Halo XL Hybrid – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Cleveland redesigned their wood line with the new Halo XL Hybrid. It is more refined with a compact shape, thinner GlideRails and overall more versatility.

  • ✅  Pros: GlideRail straight, Big footprint, High launch, Good Distance, Solid Hollow feel, Versatile.

  • ⛔  Cons: Big Hybrid.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you want a big, versatile, high launching and straight hitting hybrid, the Cleveland Halo XL Hybrid is just what you are looking for. GlideRail offers versatility from every lie so you can confidently hit every shot.


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