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I played 7 rounds of golf with the Cobra RADSPEED driver in my bag and it could easily stay as my gamer. I was also able to hit it on my FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor to collect shot data. I have over 10 years of experience testing and reviewing golf clubs.

Here is my overall experience and thoughts on this driver.

Cobra King RADSPEED Driver

Growing up the word “rad” was incredibly popular.  It was the “it” word for at least a year or two.  Rad was short for radical, however the meaning of rad wasn’t really tied to things being radical or different; rad was the word to describe anything cool.  So when Cobra named their new driver line with RAD, it certainly grabbed my attention.  The Cobra King RADSPEED driver is certainly cool, but it is much more than that; it is a performer.

Cobra’s new technology is the RAD weighting which brings 28 grams right up to the face.  Forward weighting means lower launch and lower spin.  For me these are qualities I’m always looking for in a driver since my swing fights spin and height.   I really appreciate a driver that  I can just swing away and have no worries about spin or launch reducing distance.  In order to move so much weight, they use a whole bunch of carbon for the rest of the head.  They have a rear 8 grams of fixed weight also along the t-chassis which makes the head incredibly stable.

The Cobra RADSPEED comes in 3 models, regular, XB and XD.  While often I tend to gravitate to one of the submodels in drivers; with this Cobra, the regular RADSPEED is the best model for my swing.  The XB is about extra forgiveness, and the XD is about extra straightness (draw biased).

The Cobra King RADSPEED driver also has the same tech that made last year’s driver very good too; the CNC milled Infinity Face.  The face is what meets the ball and it is probably the most important tech in a club since the bigger the sweet spot the bigger room for error on each swing.  I’d love to swing like a robot and be able to perfectly repeat my swing every time; I’m just like you and don’t always hit the ball “on the screws”.  I greatly appreciate this face which protects ball speed all over the face.

One area that the Cobra King RADSPEED out does just about every driver on the market are its looks.  This may be the best looking driver on the market, especially in the peacoat colorway.  The matte navy crown with red and white accents on the sole make this driver subtlety awesome.  Cobra also made some special edition models that looked outstanding and even the base black and turbo yellow look really good. The shape is really nice to look down at behind the ball.  It sets up really square and is easy to point in the right direction.

The Cobra King RADSPEED also has adjustable weights to tune in the flight and spin a little more.  There are 12 and 2 gram weights.  I went full low with the 12 gram forward.  I didn’t find that it was too much, really it was just what I was looking for in a driver, low spin and low launch.

Cobra RADSpeed Driver Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 1925 rpms

 Launch Angle: 12.5*

Dispersion: 5.6 yds

 Club Head Speed: 108.5 mph

 Ball Speed: 161.1 mph

 Total Distance: 302.5 yds

 Carry Distance: 280.2 yds

The Cobra King RADSPEED has a number of shaft options, but one of my favorite shafts from the past was remade; the Fujikura Motore.  The F3 model that is installed stock in this driver is a great combo as the “engine” of this club.  It is very stable, smooth and has lowish launch and low spin.  It has a nice weight and balance to compliment this head.  The grip is topped with Arccos connect which by now you have heard me write about numerous times, so I’m just going to say like always, it is a great bonus feature.

The Cobra RADSPEED driver shines on the course.  I played it for a number of rounds and even let my golfing buddy hit it for a couple rounds.  It worked very well in both of our hands.  It was better than his current gamer and could easily replace my gamer.  It is very consistent and quite long.  I was impressed by the flight.  Sometimes you just watch the ball leave the club and say; “that is exactly what I’m looking for out of the driver”.


Cobra King RADSPEED should be at the top of your list of clubs to try.   While I know some are winding down the 2021 season in the north, here in the south we are hitting the best time of the year.  The RADSPEED driver is worth the look now because it might just be the improvement your game is needing for lower spin, lower launch and better drives.

Check the price online here

For more information: Cobra Website

Cobra RADSpeed Driver – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Cobra made a radical design move along with maintaining some tried and true technologies. This combo is certainly one of their best drivers to date.

  • ✅  Pros: Excellent sound and feel, Beautiful looks, Low spin, Low launch, Milled Infinity face, Arrcos connect.

  • ⛔  Cons: Can it beat your gamer?

  • ⛳  Verdict: Cobra created a low launch, low spin driver which has always been what I’m looking for from them. It also might be one of the best looking and sounding drivers on the market. It could easily be my gamer; should it be yours?


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