Sunday Golf Dime Bag Accessories Pouch Review

Keeping the Necessities Close


Ryan Heiman
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Sunday Golf Dime Bag Accessories Pouch

I have used the Sunday Golf Dime Bag Accessories Pouch for 8 rounds of golf.  Sunday Golf products are all about minimalism and convenience.  The Dime Bag is a simple add on accessories pouch that will protect and keep some necessities close at hand during your round.   

This is the definitive Sunday Golf Dime Bag Accessories Pouch Review for 2021.

Sunday Golf Dime Bag Accessories Pouch
Digging through the multitude of massive pockets on a golf bag can be time consuming and downright frustrating if you are looking for a tee, ball makers, divot tool or birdie juice.  While you can certainly set aside a single pocket to hold such things, an alternative is the Sunday Golf Dime Bag Accessories Pouch. 

The Sunday Golf Dime Bag works perfectly with their Loma bag since by design it has limited storage.  You can clip this valuables pouch on any hook, loop or ring on your bag.  It creates an extra pocket for the on-course necessities.

The Sunday Golf Dime Bag only comes in one color option currently which is camouflage.  It has a zipper down the spine which allows it to open wide, but not fold open like a book.  Inside there are some slots and pockets which will hold birdie juice, tees, ball markers, pencil, scorecard, adjustable wrench, rangefinder and/or a divot tool.  You will not be able to get everything on my list into the Dime bag, depending on sizes and items, but some combo of what you deem necessary.

The Sunday Golf Dime Bag will keep the necessities close and add some storage to your golf bag.  While it isn’t necessary to have a Dime bag, the ease of clipping it on and off your bag makes it easy to refill, restock and organize before your next round.


The Sunday Golf Dime Bag is durable, easy to use and does what it says, even if you don’t really need one, it does keep the necessities close at hand.  My preference was to keep my birdie juice in there for ease of access during a round.  It was easy to grab and refill for the next round of birdies.

Sunday Golf Dime Bag Accessories Pouch – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Sunday Golf created an additional pocket bag so you can keep all your valuables close.

  • ✅  Pros: Functional, Easy to use, Convenient size, Protection, Weather proof.

  • ⛔  Cons: Duplicates pockets already in a golf bag.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Sunday Golf Dime Bag Accessories Pouch isn’t something every golfer needs, but it is a very useful accessories pouch which will keep everything you need readily available.


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