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Craftsman Golf is going beyond headcovers and bags with their first foray into golf apparel.  They designed 3 very stylish golf shirts which offer modern style, excellent fit, great comfort, reasonable price and zero logos.  I wore the Craftsman Golf Polos for 7 rounds of golf and multiple days off the course.

This is the definitive Craftsman Golf Polo Review for 2023.

What is the difference between a $100 golf polo and a $40 golf polo?  More often than not it is the LOGO.  That $100 polo’s brand sponsors professional golfers and golf events.  Those costs are passed on the consumer.  If you want to wear the same shirt that won the US Open or the Master’s, you are going to have to pay more for that shirt so that you can wear that logo.  If you don’t care so much about brands and logos, might I suggest Craftsman Golf Polos which are completely unbranded;  so much so that the inside tags doesn’t even have a brand name or logo.  You can wear the same cool styles and enjoy the comfort and fit of a logo-less polo at a much lower cost.

Black Camouflage

The Craftsman Golf Shirts come in 3 styles, my favorite being the black camouflage.  Interestingly enough I don’t like regular camo, but this black one is one I wear very reguarly.  The material is 95% polyester and 5% spandex.  They subliminaly color the outside of shirt.  The material is very stretchy which means very comfortable.  It is moisture wicking so that even on hot days you stay cool.  It is also lightweight so the shirt just floats on your skin.  However it is thick enough that it holds a nice shape to hang nicely on the body.  The material is wrinkle resistant so packing it for a golf trip works great.

Grey Topography

The Grey Topography polo by Craftsman Golf is a simple design, yet a really classy way of giving a shirt texture.  The design works really well on this athletic/slim cut polo.  I find sizing of polo shirts from brand to brand all over the place.  I appreciated Craftsman Golf’s sizing chart.  It gives every meaningful measurement so that you can get the correct fit.  I was happy that my standard size M was a great fit.  These shirts can be worn tucked or untucked and it works both ways.  It  is long enough to stay tucked in during 18 holes, but short enough that it fit right untucked.

Blue Stars and Stripes

The Craftsman Golf Blue Stars and Stripes shirt is a perfect USA shirt for your 4th of July round, Memorial day 18 holes, Flag day or whenever you want to show your patriotic side.  Wearing these polos on the course is pleasant in every way.  They fit nice, the materials are comfortable and there are no issues swinging a golf club while wearing one.  You get to do this without being a walking billboard.  The lack of logos at first surprised me to not even have it on the tag, but it also was refreshing to see a brand not worry about how big or how often they could show off their logo.  I think this creates a nice niche in the market and allows the style to shine, and the golfer to be the focus rather than a logo.  The price point is hard to beat too. 


Craftsman Golf added another product that shows their style, their brand and their commitment to affordability without shouting their brand with logos.  I appreciate the logo-less polos and love the style even more.  The first 3 shirts they made are excellent quality, comfort, fit, style and price.  The special they are running right now is hard to beat, 3 polos for $80.  The 3 different polos are easy to match and look great on the course, especially without any logos.

For more information and other products: Craftsman Golf Amazon Store

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