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The Desert Fox Phone Caddy will keep you phone safe, secure and ready for action on the roof arm of your power cart.  I tested it on multiple carts over the course of multiple rounds.  It does exactly what it says and allows you to have your phone conveniently located for calls, GPS, social media or music for all 18 holes. 

This is the definitive Desert Fox Phone Caddy Review for 2023.

Accessible phone?

While you are playing golf, how accessible do you want your phone?  There is an ongoing debate about cell-phones and golf. Do you have your phone out or tucked in the bottom of your bag? As you can guess, I need my phone out regularly on the golf course for pictures, notes and social media posts while testing golf products.  (kind of comes with the territory)  I prefer to avoid all other work calls, text messages and emails if I can.  I’ve had rounds absolutely derailed by such phone interruptions.  Since it is so hard to avoid your phone for 4 hours, might as well lean in and keep it safe, secure, and ready for action with the Desert Fox Phone Caddy.

Phone Caddy

Many people have a phone holder for their car, truck, or SUV.  Since most states require phones to be hands free, these phone holders make it easy to have a phone in eye sight while driving for calls, messages, music and GPS.  The Desert Fox Phone Caddy is similar to those holders.  You can keep you phone close at hand with it attached to the roof arm of the cart.  (they also now have an adapter for push carts to attach the phone caddy to the umbrella holder) It is a velcro strap with an angled arm attached to an adjustable phone holder bracket.  It can fit virtually any normal phone.

Desert Fox Design

The Desert Fox Phone Caddy is a well designed and thought out product.   The spring back creates enough pressure to hold the phone securely while still allowing easy in and out.  The side arms are adjustable with a screw tab which can be set for your phone. I wish it was just a little bit bigger so it would hold my phone with the battery pack case attached. It holds about 1/3 to 1/2 of the phone (depending on your phone size) so that you don’t have to worry about it bouncing or popping out of the holder.  The holder is made of strong plastic so you won’t break it if you try to pull it out the wrong way.  The rubber feet and velcro strap are strong to keep it locked to cart arm for 18 holes, yet easy to remove at the end of your round.

Why Desert Fox?

The Desert Fox Phone Caddy keeps your phone safe, secure and ready for action.  While you might think so does throwing it in the cupholder, or glove box, or pocket; the Desert Fox Phone Caddy is much better for your phone’s safety.  I’ve seen two cases recently for getting Desert Fox.  My dad threw his phone in the dash shelf of the cart.  It sat in water in the dash and since his phone isn’t waterproof, it trashed it.  I had another golfer I was riding with that put it in the cup holder but since it was loosely in there, it bounced out onto the floor and then onto the ground.  However the phone in the Desert Fox Phone Caddy was safe and secure for all 18 holes.


The Desert Fox Phone Caddy is best phone holder I’ve seen.  It keeps your phone safe, secure and ready for action.  It is a well thought out design that comes in multiple colors, sayings and patterns.  You can get one to show off your style while being a very functional during 18 holes.  It is ideal for cart riding golfers.  If you use GPS, shot tracking app or score card, this accessory is ideal.  If you need to keep your phone close at hand, then this is perfect phone holder.  At $25 is is worth keeping your phone safe, secure and ready for action. 

For More Information: Desert Fox Website

Bonus Cigar Holder

While I don’t smoke cigars, the Desert Fox Cigar Holder is an excellent addition for those who do.  It clips onto the bottom and holds a cigar securely with your phone.  It is one of the better clips I’ve seen and keeps your cigar from the ground, the seat, or simply rolling around while hitting shots.  I liked how it seamlessly attaches to the Desert Fox Phone Caddy. It is also very reasonable to if you like to enjoy a cigar while golfing, this is one of the best clips I’ve seen.

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