ECCO BIOM C4 BOA Golf Shoe Review

BIOM C4 Blends Style, Materials, Waterproof, Ventilation, Motion and BOA

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I had the ECCO Biom C4 BOA GOlf Shoes on my feet on and off the course regularly over the last month.  These shoes transition from a sporty off the course look to a performance on the course shoe without skipping a beat.  They look great with golf pants, jeans, or shorts. They included my favorite lacing system for shoes as BOA dialed in a precise fit.

This is the definitive ECCO BIOM C4 BOA Golf Shoes Review for 2023.


What is BIOM?

ECCO has been mapping and studying the natural motion of the foot while walking for years. BIOM is taking that research and craft and applying it to shoes that match the motion and needs of a given application.  ECCO BIOM golf shoes are designed to manage the 5 mile walk while offering stability for each swing.  The ECCO BIOM C4 BOA shoes are their latest version that combine that research with numerous additional features which make them prepared to tackle the course under any conditions as well as being sporty comfortable shoes off the course. 


The ECCO BIOM C4 BOA Golf Shoes are built on the COOL PRO platform which has been around for a few versions already.  It is designed to ventilate the sole of the shoes to keep your feet from getting hot and sweaty.  Most shoes attempt to do this through the top, while ECCO designed pass-through ventilation in the sole.  This system allows air to circulate below the feet.  It also keeps them lifted a little higher off the ground than normal soles too. This combination means, even in the heat of AZ, your feet will stay cooler than in a normal shoe. 


The ECCO BIOM C4 BOA Golf Shoes are connected to the ground by what ECCO calls MTN GRIP.  It is a spikeless system that looks like tire tread.  It has many flex points and different directional ridges and low points to created a very solid grip to the ground.  These are one of the most comfortable and grippy soles I’ve found in spikeless shoes.  While the classic “lug” style that ECCO has used for years on their spikeless shoes has been great, the MTN GRIP is smoother and more flexible, yet just as, if not more grippy. 


The ECCO BIOM C4 BOA Golf Shoes have my favorite lacing system from BOA.  This means you can quickly and easy dial in a perfect fit.  While I firmly believe that BOA should be on every shoe and love how comfortable and functional BOA is; on these shoes, the BOA dial seems a little high and stiff on the tongue.  When you first put the ECCO BIOM C4 BOA Golf Shoes on you can feel the dial on the top of your foot near the ankle as it flexes.  The fit can be dialed in perfectly, but it takes some walking around to get the “tongue” and dial broken in. 

Different Upper Materials

The ECCO BIOM C4 BOA Golf Shoes have a Gore-tex fully waterproof leather uppers which a little “stiffer” than typical ECCO leather uppers.  This creates a more stable shoe, a more waterproof shoe, a better shaped shoe, but might not feel like your typical ECCO.  The performance of these uppers really can withstand the elements the course throws at them while keep your feel very stable during swings.  The uppers also don’t have a “tongue” in the traditional sense as they are basically a solid upper that can be adjusted tighter or looser with BOA.  This makes them different but excellent for their purpose of being fully waterproof.


The ECCO BIOM C4 BOA Golf Shoes offer numerous on course features that line up with golfers needs: great traction, ventilation, waterproof, motion and comfort.  One noticeable  difference between normal shoes and BIOM C4 shoes is the lift that the COOL PRO sole offers.  While I still don’t crack 6′ tall, I certainly stand taller in these shoes.  The first time on the course you might top/blade a few golf balls as your feet are a little higher off the ground.  It only takes a few swings to learn where the bottom of the club and ground are compared to other shoes, but don’t be surprised if it happens during the first round with these shoes. The higher stance is nice while walking since you don’t feel so down in the grass, the waterproof materials also mean your feet stay from the outside elements.  The natural BIOM flex makes them comfortable to walk and swing with good stability baked in with BOA precision fit. 


ECCO offers a wide variety of golf shoes for 2023/2024 to appeal to golfers needs.  If you are looking for cool, stable, waterproof, spikeless, natural motion, and BOA golf shoes, the ECCO BIOM C4 BOA Golf Shoes are going to check all those boxes.  They offer great style, comfortable fit, and high performance.  The BOA takes a little breaking on this version, but still my favorite lacing system.  Keep you feet cool and dry while enjoying your walk on or off the course.

For more information: ECCO Website

  • ️  About: ECCO has a long history of spikelss golf shoes that are comfortable and functional. The BIOM C4 BOA Golf Shoes has every new technology and feature that ECCO has created for a comfortable and functional walk while playing golf.

  • ✅  Pros: Great traction, Sole ventilation, Stability, BOA, Off course function, Waterproof, Motion.

  • ⛔  Cons: BOA tongue break in required

  • ⛳  Verdict: The ECCO BIOM C4 BOA Golf Shoes are one of the most technically advanced shoes by ECCO. They offer ventilation, traction, stability, waterproof, BOA and excellent sporty on/off course style. If you want to give your game a lift, check out the BIOM C4 BOA golf shoes.


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