Stix Perform Series Steel Golf Club Set Review

Stix Now Offers Better Performance with the Same Great Price and Looks.

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I gamed a Stix Perform Series Steel Golf Club Set this fall.  I shot my average rounds score with them while noticing improved performance of the steel shafted irons.    At the cost, it is hard find a better “bang for the buck” set of golf clubs that look so nice.     

This is the my Stix Perform Series Steel Golf Club Set Review.

This set was featured in our 10 Best Game Improvement Irons 2024 article.


Why Stix?

If you reading this, you already know how expensive new clubs are.  You’ve been online or to a golf retailer and are trying to figure out if the thousands of dollars to buy new golf clubs is worth it.  I can’t tell you how to spend your money or how much benefit you will see from new clubs; I’m here to say there is an alternative called Stix.  Their model is simple: Make great performing clubs at an affordable price point that look as good as they perform.  I have to admit that Stix did a pretty good job of nailing.  The addition of steel shafts has them performing even better while still looking great and costing less than most. If you are in the market for something new, good looking and performing without worrying about the bounce angle of your 6 iron, Stix makes one quality package.

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14 Clubs Ready to Go

Stix Perform Series Steel Golf Club Set comes ready to go right out of the box with every club you need for a round of golf.  They have options to go less than 14 clubs too, but many golfers are going to feel most comfortable having the full arsenal of Stix at their disposal during a round of golf.  While  their clubs are a “box set” I’ve been impressed with their overall performance even though they aren’t fit to my swing.  I continue to support being fit for the best clubs for your game that you can afford.  However that doesn’t make sense if you golf only a few times a year of have a very small budget.  With the addition of steel shafts you now get better performance at the same affordable price point. You also won’t get any “cheap clubs” looks guys at the club since these look as good or better than many OEM clubs.

Driver and Woods

The Stix Perform Series Golf Club Sets come with with same driver, 3-wood, 5-wood and 4 hybrid as I previously reviewed here.  Most of what I said remains the same: they look amazing and perform admirable well for affordable woods.  I certainly noticed higher spin rates in all the woods compared to my “gamers.”  They are though very forgiving with high launch and straight shots.  The 10.5 driver went straight and high as did the 3-wood and 5-wood. I surprising really liked the 5 wood even though I normall don’t game one.  The 4-hybrid is also high launching and easy to hit.  Again the lightweight, high launching, great look woods didn’t disappoint.

Steel Shafted Irons

The Stix Perform Series Steel Golf Club Set comes with steel shafts in irons 5-PW.  The head is still the same deep cavity-back iron that offers outstanding forgiveness without looking clunky or super game improvement.  I really liked the new consistency and stability the steel shafts offered.  While the graphite shafts were pretty good, the steel is better if you have a stronger swing.  If you are going regular flex or less then I suggest graphite, but go steel if you are stiff flex.  Everything just tightens up: launch, spin, dispersion, etc.  I’m also impressed that they offer these with black steel shafts, that is typically an expensive upgrade, but Stix offers them at the same price.

3 Wedges

The Stix Perform Series Golf Club Set has a 3 loft wedge set:  52, 56, and 60.  These are the sleekest and nicest looking clubs in the set.  With the addition of steel in the wedges they too tighten up the performance and have firmer feel.  I really like the shape, bounce and accuracy for this box set of wedges.  They will get you up and down form whatever lie you encounter. I found them especially better on full shots with the steel shafts.

“Mallet” Putter

The Stix Golf putter a unique shape blending mallet size with blade feel.  The milled putter has really great feel off the face and putts a good roll on the ball.  I liked the alignment line on the top while setting up nicely behind the ball with the plumbers neck.  The oversized grip feels great in the hands.  I was pleased with the consistent distance it hit the ball.

New and Improved Headcovers

My first set of Stix clubs had some headcovers that needed improvement.  The new Stix Perform Series Steel Golf Club Set headcovers look great, but perform really well.  They are easy to get on and off, while still having good protection for the heads.  They are in a nice heathered black material, while have a nice Stix logo on the top.  They are on the shorter side, but still protect what needs to be protected: the club head.


Stix Golf had already nailed the looks category, now they improved their performance category wit the Stix Perform Series Steel Golf Club Set.  The addition of steel shafts to irons and wedges really tightens up their performance.  They are still forgiving and easy to launch, but now have more consistent dispersion.  The price point still remains one of the best deals in golf.  Their Black Friday deals will have you saving even more funds that can be used for rounds of golf rather than clubs.  If you aren’t looking for perfectly fit clubs at a high price point, these clubs will offer you great performance, new technology and amazing looks at a fraction of the price.

For more information:

Stix Perform Series Steel Golf Club Set – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Stix Golf is committed to making premium clubs without the premium price. I think they nailed it with these great looking clubs and now better performing clubs with steel shafts, yet still at a great price.

  • ✅  Pros: Amazing looks, Steel consistency, Very Forgiving, Easy launching, Durable finish, Multiple set options.

  • ⛔  Cons: Limited Fitting Options.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you want to spend a little less yet get new, great looking and excellent performing clubs that all match, Stix is a great option to introduce someone to the game. It certainly doen't look like a "box set" nor does it perform like one. High quality, outstand looks and a great price makes Stix golf worth looking at.


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