CIGMAN CT-800Y Laser Rangefinder Review

Is Distance On A Bargain Worth It?

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I lasered distances with a CIGMAN CT-800Y Laser Rangefinder during my last 5 rounds of golf.  It is just about the lowest priced laser rangefinder you can buy off Amazon.  It is compact and has all of the features of higher priced name brand laser rangefinders like slope, 6X, pin lock, vibration,  magnetic strap, 5 distance modes, and USB charging.  So is it worth it?   

This is the definitive CIGMAN CT-800Y Laser Rangefinder Review for 2023.


What is the Lowest Cost Laser?

This is a most common question in golf sales: “Can I get the same quality golf product as the name brand only cheaper?  ProV1s on a budget, Forged irons on a budget, Laser rangefinder on a budget?  The CIGMAN CT-800Y laser rangefinder sells for around $55 on Amazon.  That is 10x less than the top OEM laser rangefinder.  Can the lowest costing laser rangefinder compete with the top laser rangefinders?


The CIGMAN CT-800Y has similar specs to many laser rangefinder on the market: 6x zoom, Slope, Scan, Magnetic strap, Pin lock, Vibration, Case, and USB Charging.  On paper this laser sounds like any other laser, except for the price.  Over the course of my 5 rounds, their specs are accurate: it has zoom, pin lock, vibration, holds charge for a long time, sticks to the cart arm, etc.  It works according to the specs which are similar to much higher priced lasers.


The CIGMAN CT-800Y Laser Rangefinder has a 6x magnification and standard optics.  You can clearly see the pin or whatever your are trying to shot distance with good clarity.  It certainly does better on beautiful bright blue sky days, but does an adequate job on cloudy days too.  The display has black LCD numbers to contrast against the background.  Very clear to read in bright light.  It has an informative display with line of sight distance, slope angle, speed, battery life, pin lock, uphill/downhill and distance to adjustment for slope.  You can turn the slope on and off depending on your golfing situation with the slider under the eye piece which will show whether it is on (red) or off (black).

On-Course Usage

The CIGMAN CT-800Y Laser Rangefinder comes with black “hard” case which has a zipper and bungee strap to keep it secured when not in use.  The buttons are pretty straight forward like most rangefinders.  It goes to sleep when not in use, the large “power” button wakes it up and shoots the laser.  The eye piece is adjustable so you can dial it in for your eyes.  One nice feature is that it has a rechargeable battery so you just plug it into a USB and in 3 hours it is fully charged.   They say it will last for 30,000 shots.  Theoretically that would last over 300 rounds of golf.  So this makes it even more economical.  It comes with a magnetic strap so you can mount it to the arm of the cart for great usage, or take the strap off and throw it in the glove-box of your push cart with out it sticking to something.

Speed and Distance

The CIGMAN CT-800Y Laser Rangefinder is rated for 850 yard accuracy and .05 second speed.  I found it to acquire distance quickly from hundreds of yards to the pin.  The pin lock and vibration work quickly too.  I found it fast and easy to get the distance to whatever I was aiming at.  The noticeable feature that is a reflection of the lower price point was the distance consistency.  I tested this next to the top laser rangefinder in golf and found similar distances, however every time I shot the distance with the CIGMAN CT-800Y it gave me a slightly different number.  That 180 yard par three was 178.7, 179.3, 180.1, 181.5, and 182.6 all standing in the same spot, just shooting it multiple times.  So does a +/- 2 yard range matter?  To 95% of golfers it doesn’t.  Many golfers still can’t hit the green which has a +/- 25 yard range.  The purchase question then is:  Does +/- 2 yards matter to you? Does $50 vs. $500 matter?


The CIGMAN CT-800Y Laser Rangefinder has every feature on paper of the biggest names in golf laser rangefinders but at 10x cheaper.  With 6x optics, slope option, hard case, USB charging, Pin lock, Vibration, and Magnetic strap; does the +/- on the distance bother you?  For many golfers they will never notice or care because that is so minor and they can’t hit that accurate anyways.  If you want to save the most money and get a functional, practical and useful laser rangefinder, you won’t find a better deal than the CIGMAN CT-800Y Laser Rangefinder.

For more information: CIGMAN Store on AMAZON

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