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The Most Comfortable Adventure Apparel


Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

My Wife and I took to the AZ desert and explored in Free Fly Apparel. We went hiking, biking, golfing, shopping, etc. on our days off.  We sought out adventure in the most comfortable apparel we own.  The 2024 line up of bamboo line apparel is incredibly soft and stretchy so that every step and every movement was done in comfort. 

 This is the definitive Free Fly Apparel Review for 2024.


Adventure Apparel?

As much as I love golf, I don’t golf all the time, I have other things I do in my free time.  One of them is hiking with my family.  We live at the edge of a National Forest which has miles and miles of hiking trails in the mountains.  We love to spend all after afternoon exploring the desert.  It can get hot while on our adventures.  Free Fly Apparel is the perfect adventure apparel with is soft material, light weight and bamboo liners which eliminate chafing.   Free Fly Apparel is rooted in fly fishing, but extends far beyond the waters with its comfort and style.

Breeze Bamboo-Lined Skort

The Free Fly Breeze Bamboo-Lined Skort is one of their most popular products.  They often sell out of these skorts  on any given year.  It is the combination of style, comfort and function that make this so popular with women.  My wife wears the Free Fly Bamboo-Lined Skort all the time.  It has become her “go-to” skort for the office, for going out, and for adventure.  While she loves the freedom and comfort of regular skirts, she is the mother of 4 boys and works in child care which have no sense boundaries.  The active lifestyle she lives requires skorts.  This is her favorite one with its great style and comfort.  My wife tends to be  a tweener size either Small or XS. The Small in the Skort was a perfect fit and allowed her to  feel comfortable in every situation while still feeling dressed-up.  It even has an interior pocket for a cell-phone.

Breeze Bamboo-Lined Shorts

The Free Fly Breeze Bamboo-Lined Shorts are a little more causal and adventurous compared to the skort.  These are still just as comfortable with their bamboo-liner.  They fit my wife better in size XS.  She loved them for hiking, running, biking, whatever adventure we choose, especially when a more casual look was desired.  They offer a snug fit without being tight.  They have flex to hold up to even extreme adventures.  The earthy tones are a great blend with my wife’s style.  She wears these on her days off regularly as her favorite pair of shorts.

Elevate Tee

The Free Fly Elevate Tee is the lightest weight, softest, most comfortable t-shirts I own.  I was blown away by this super soft t-shirt because it is almost like wearing nothing, but yet realizing I can wear it almost anywhere in comfort.  While golfing in a t-shirts is still debated among golfers, I loved it for the range, putting in the backyard or hitting the trails with my wife and kids. I went with size L for good space and comfort.

Breeze Bamboo-Lined Shorts

Free Fly also makes Breeze Bamboo-Lined Shorts for guys.  They are a totally different look and style for guys, but still offer the same comfort and adventure that the ladies shorts offer.  They have 3 pockets for adventure: 2 front and 1 zipper back/side pocket.  They have an elastic waist and a drawstring.  While I could wear these for golf, they are certainly a more casual look for the course since tucking in a polo would look a little strange (in my opinion) without a belt.  These shorts don’t have belt loops.  They are designed for maximum stretch and comfort.  Even the back/side zipper pocket is designed to keep your phone or wallet off your backside, and more on your hip.  It actually worked much better than I expected; I especially liked it for biking. One of the greatest benefits of these shorts is the bamboo-liner.  The AZ desert gets really hot and chafing can be a real worry after walking 10 miles on a hike.  The liner eliminates that from happening for additional comfort and function no matter what adventure we are tackling.


While these pieces from the Free Fly Apparel 2024 line are less golf based, they certainly work off the course for your adventures.  The Breeze Bamboo-Lined Skort and Shorts are perfect for the ladies on or off the course.  They offer comfort, stretch, style and coverage.  These became my wife’s favorite on/off course bottoms.  I found the casual and comfortable guys Breeze shorts and Elevate Tee were perfect for practice days, adventure days and even lazy days.  They are my most comfortable shorts and t-shirt I own.  If you are looking for comfortable adventure, Free Fly has you covered.

For more information:  Free Fly Apparel Website

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