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TRUE created apparel that can be worn on some golf courses, but is really better suited for post-golf activities at the pool, bar, boat, beach or club.  It remains consistent with their roots: comfort and casual.  If you’d like a TRUE Swimsuit and button up, their new Golf & Leisure Wear allows you to enjoy some time away from the course, just as much as you enjoy playing 18 holes.

This is the definitive TRUE All Day Golf & Leisure Wear Review for 2023.


Golf & Leisure

Golf is more than just the 4 hours and 18 holes played.  For many golf is as much the before and after round time with friends and family.  Post round drinks, grabbing a bite to eat, chilling on the patio, meeting up withe more friends can all be blended into a day on the course.  Maybe some friendly competition on the putting green, maybe swimming at the pool, or maybe just enjoying time with the family fills the hours before and after golf.  While that might be the country club experience, many of us have enjoyed similar leisure at the public course too.  The TRUE All Day Leisure Wear is for the off course time when you just want something comfortable, stylish and ready for a swim.  Loose and breathable feel great on the skin on a warm summer day. Stylish TRUE Dead Golfer shorts and shirt look and feel great after all the hard work you’ve put in at work or on the golf course.  Even if plans change and you head back to golf course or range, this apparel could handle that too.

TRUE All Day Vacay Button Up Shirt

The TRUE All Day Vacay Button Up Shirt is a casual, comfortable and stylish post golf shirt.  Since it has a collar you can probably wear it for 18 holes of golf, it isn’t exactly a traditional style of shirt that golfers wear.  It is better suited to wear untucked with a swimsuit at the pool, or with a pair of jeans for a night at the club.  The mostly rayon fabric is very lightweight and comfortable.  It holds its form nicely and looks great while wearing it.  The dead golfer combines a stylish print, while still saying “golf”.  I found it to be a nice post round shirt to slip into for a casual setting was next. I went with the size M and it has plenty of space in the chest and midsection.

TRUE All Day Swim Shorts

The TRUE All Day Swim Shorts are a perfect match for the FS Slide and Vacay Button Up Shirt.  If your post round golf has you hanging out at the pool, there are perfect.  They use the same Dead Golfer pattern as the Vacay Shirt and FS Slides, while offering a swim ready short.  They have a modern fit which hits mid thigh and loose while not being baggy.  This creates a stylish look and swim suit performance.  It has a swimsuit liner and an elastic waistband so you can hop in the swim shorts, wear them all day and jump in and out of the pool as much as you want.

Post-Golf Function

The TRUE All Day Swim Shorts and Vacay Button Up Shirt come in 4 color options: Black, Sand, Navy, and Green. They can be worn together or separate with great style and comfort.  The swim shorts might be a little more specialized compared to the button up shirt, but you could still wear them away from the pool without getting weird looks.  If you enjoy the country club scene with pool, bar, lounge, etc, these are great options to put on in the locker room after golf and enjoy the rest of your day/night in comfort and style.


TRUE comfort is the emphasis the All Day Vacay Button Up Shirt and Swim Shorts.   They are not regular golf apparel, but part of the golf and leisure collection which is aimed for pre and post round hang out.  They can up your casual style at the pool or hanging out with friends.  If you are playing a vacation round of golf at a casual resort, these might even serve well for 18 holes. TRUE wants your comfort on the course with their golf shoes and apparel as well as your off course comfort with their All Day Golf & Leisure wear.

For more information: TRUE Website

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