JIEHOME X3-1100 Laser Rangefinder Review

Can You Get a Quality Laser on a Budget?

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I lasered distances over 5 rounds with my JIEHOME X3-1100 Laser Rangefinder. It is a budget laser that doesn’t feel, look or perform like a cheap laser.  I’m impressed that a low cost laser can compete with much higher priced models.   It has all the features discerning golfers are looking for yet at a price almost any golfer can afford. 

This is the definitive JIEHOME X3-1100 Laser Rangefinder Review for 2024.


Does Cheap = Poor Quality?

The first sign that a laser is cheap or low quality is the touch test.  You can almost immediately tell the difference between a high quality laser and a cheap one.  It really is a blind test that you can usually feel the difference.  The JIEHOME X3-110 Laser Rangefinder has a quality feel to it.  It feels heavier, stronger and better built than most budget lasers. Lasers will take some abuse on the course and this one can withstand your hand crushing grip, the toss on the tee box, even the bounce off the cart. The blind feel test points to good quality at a low cost.

Laser Accuracy??

The JIEHOME X3-1100 Laser Rangefinder is accurate.  I tested it side by side which top laser brands and this laser was within 1 yard =/- on every shot.  I could test it against itself while shooting the flag multiple times from one spot and it would usually say the same distance, only once and while varying a half yard or so.  Obviously on really long distances that varied slightly more as well as when the slope is being used at longer distances even the slightest change in angle can affect the measurement, but in typical usage it was very accurate.

On-Course Function

The JIEHOME X3-1100 Laser Rangefinder has a slope/no slope switch right on the side of the unit making it clear and obvious whether you have it on or off.  This is pretty much a standard feature in this day and age of lasers.  While only tournament legal in the off mode, most of us play rounds that don’t require it to be turn off.  JIEHOME places the adjusted distance in the main measurement spot and the non-slope distance smaller and lower for reference along with the angle of slope.  It also has pin vibration so you know if you are locked on the target or not.  


The JIEHOME X3-1100 Laser Rangefinder has 3 other features that I appreciate: 6x magnification, magnetic cart hold and rechargeable battery.  These features have become really popular among many lasers.  I think magnetic cart hold is a must no matter how much you walk, it is a really nice feature.  The 6x magnification is also pretty much standard now.  The rechargeable battery is another feature that I’m not sure which side of the fence I’m on.  This one seem to match the battery life of  the CR2 batteries used in many others. I won’t need to have a spare battery around just in case, but I will need access to charging it eventually.  After 5 rounds the battery still shows full so I’m guessing I might get much of a season off one charge.  But even if it drains down, it is a quick USB plug away from full battery again.

$109 Price Point

The JIEHOME X3-1100 Laser Rangefinder has a $109 price tag on Amazon which makes it one of the most affordable laser rangefinders you can buy.  Is it as good at my $500 Bushnell?  No.  But the difference in price is not going to cause you to hit a 7-iron when you should be hitting a PW.  The difference in distance or accuracy is less than the distance and accuracy of amateur golfers.  None of us can hit within a yard of the distance our laser gives us.  We aren’t all hitting into the hole from the fairway anyways, honestly we are usually just happy to hit the green.  Yes I want accuracy, but for $400 a yard difference won’t make any difference in my results. I think what sets this one apart from the other bargain lasers on Amazon is the quality of the build and features it offers.


The JIEHOME X3-1100 Laser Rangefinder surprised me by offering quality feel, accurate distances, full features and a budget price.  The combination offers the entire package at a much lower price point.  It won’t replace your expensive name brand laser, but if you are looking to dabble in the laser rangefinder market, this is an easy on your wallet entry point yet really good quality.  There is a reason we named it our 2024 best budget laser rangefinder. 

For more information: www.dgjiehome.com

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