Kavooa Pro Training Aid Review

A Golf Coach on a Tripod for Assistance Practicing Multiple Drills


Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

I added a swing coach to my range time call Kavooa Pro.  It served as a tool to help me with 8 different drills so that I could get my driver swing (and other swing mechanics) on track. It is one of the most versatile and extensive training aids I’ve ever used. This is kind of like the Swiss Army knife of training aids: it can do a little bit of everything from its tripod.  

This is the definitive Kavooa Pro Training Aid Review for 2024.


8 Drills From a Tripod

Golf Coaches have all kinds of tools and technics they use to get your swing on plane while keeping parts of your body still.  Have you ever had (or seen) a swing coach hold a club near someones body so that they don’t sway, or still an alignment stick in the ground so they don’t go too far inside or use a pool noodle keep their head still?  Imagine having one tool that can do all of those drills.  The Kavooa Pro can help with 8+ drills with just an attachment and adjustment to this tripod swing coach.  It is one of the most versatile training aids for range work with your normal swing and normal clubs.


The Kavooa Pro comes in pieces which need to be assembled properly for the drill you intend to do. All the pieces are compact enough that you can fit them in the large side pocket of your bag.  Putting everything together is fairly straight forward.  I would use some of the guides and instructional tools to  build your first few set-ups so you get it right.  While it is pretty DIY feeling, it will save you a few minutes to follow the instructions.  I’d say the biggest challenge to set-up is after you get it built for the drill you want to do, is getting it dialed in for your swing and mechanics for just the right height, or distance away for your club or body.  Placement of the tripod takes a few guesses before you get it just right.  Because it is all adjustable anyone right or left hand, short or tall, guy or girl, newbie or pro, can use this training aid.

Which Drill is Right for You?

The Kavooa Pro can help your swing with at least 8 different drills: Head Movement, Over the Top, Hip Slide, Steepen the Swing, Forward Shaft Lean, Between the Sticks, Putting and Swing Plane Chipping.  Which one do you need?  Maybe all of them, but where to start might be the biggest challenge if you don’t have a swing coach.  For the DIYers out there, this tool is great if you are able to self-diagnose the problem.  If you have a 90 minute range session you could probably do all 8 drills, but if you have limited time, you need to pick the most useful drills for your swing needs.  Head Movement is something I’m struggling with on the tee box so this was the set-up I used the most.   

From Coach to Course

The Kavooa Pro Training Aid is meant to groove your swing by practicing with your tripod coach and then imagining it is still there when you are on the course.  The noodle or the yellow sticks can ingrain a new movement, or lack of movement into your brain so that you change your swing.  If you slide your hips, you can now imagine bumping the Kavooa Pro so that you remain still.  That is the goal of all coaching; take it from the range to the course.  The benefits of the Kavooa Pro is that you can set it up and use it day in and day out.  So unless you are a tour pro and have a daily session with a swing coach, the Kavooa Pro is a tripod swing coach that can fix the most common swing flaws over time with repeated use.  I tend to gravitate to a few drills that seem to be my area of concern.  Using in consultation with a real swing coach will probably amplify the success.


Make 2024 the year of a better swing.  Taking lessons might be the starting place, but the Kavooa Pro should be a close second so that everything you learn in your lesson can be practiced at the range, at home, or wherever you do some swing training.  It has an 8 drill versatility so you can pick and choose the best ones for your needs.  You can get excellent golf coaching from this tripod training aid to keep your body still, your path right, your motion correct and alignment better. If you know what needs fixing in your swing; this might be one of the best and most versatile tools to help you improve along with the fact that it can help with so many different aspects of your swing.  This coach on a tripod can help you improve your on-course swing. 

For More Information: Kavooa Website

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