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I carried my rangefinder in a Lopar Rangepack for 5 rounds of golf.  It worked with my Cobalt, Bushnell and Mileseey Rangefinder during those rounds.  It offers modern style while protecting a valuable asset on the golf course.  If you are looking to improve the look of your rangefinder case, the Lopar Rangepack is one of the nicest.   

This is the definitive Lopar Rangepack Review for 2023.


Rangefinder Case?

Every rangefinder comes with its own case, so why would you need to buy one?  The same reason you buy headcovers; to express your style without OEM branding.  Depending on the brand of rangefinder you use, the case may or may not be all that good.  If you want use a better case and a more stylish case, Lopar is the best option. It has a stowaway pocket so you can have an extra battery ready just in case you need one. It comes in 6 color options and will hold almost any rangefinder on the market.  (LaserLink is the only one I can think of that doesn’t fit)


The Lopar Rangepack is made out of waterproof PU, has a leak-proof zipper, magnetic flap and a swivel metal clip.  It is very high quality.  It is not a hard case, but has sufficient padding to keep your expensive rangefinder safe during your rounds of golf.  The waterproof PU also stays amazingly clean.  Even if you throw it on the ground, get some mud from your towel on it, it just wipes right off.  The style and protection always look like new, even after multiple rounds and a little abuse.


The Lopar Rangepack does what it says it does, protects your rangefinder to, on and from the course.  It has an easy to use zipper and a magnetic flap which is strong, yet easy to pop on or off.  While many of my rounds in AZ are in a power cart where I take my rangefinder out of the case before hole one  and put it back in the case after hole 18, I did try it like I was walking 18 holes and pulled it in and out multiple times during a round.  The magnetic flap is strong enough that I didn’t need to zip it up at all during the round, but felt plenty safe with it just flapped over.  This made it quicker and easier to get at my laser when I needed a distance. 

Do You Need a Rangepack?

The Lopar Rangepack fits an under-served niche in the golf world.  There are a few other non-OEM rangefinder cases out there, but not many as nice a the Lopar Rangepack.  While your rangefinder already came with a case, it might not be holding up well, it my clash with your style, you might not like its function, or maybe even your lost it; Lopar is the answer.  The Rangepack is about form and function.  The 6 color options should match your style.  Check out the colors closely; they look great, but might not match perfectly the red, the green, the blue or the white you have on your bag.  I can’t tell you what you need or don’t need, but here is an option to give some modern style to your rangefinder case.


The Lopar Rangepack is a modern stylish rangefinder case that offers protection, function and style.  If you want to or need to get rid of that OEM case, consider the Lopar Rangepack as an alternative case that might fit your style while doing its job very well on the golf course.

For more information: Lopar Website

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