SuperStroke Ryder Cup USA Tour 1.0 Grip Review

Support the Team with a Popular Putter Grip

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SuperStroke created Ryder Cup grips for both the USA and European teams in 10 of their models.  You can support your national team like I did by installing your favorite model grip on your putter.  Not only does it support the team, but it might just help you hole more putts.  

This is the definitive SuperStroke Ryder Cup USA Tour 1.0 Grip Review for 2023.

Does Putter Grip Really Matter?

There is nothing more personal and particular than a putter.  While it might seem like anything from a putt-putt putter to limited edition Scotty Cameron will all basically work the same to roll the ball in the hole; science and experience has told us that every little detail of the putter can make a big difference in our success on the green.  Changing the sight line, loft, lie, length, weight, etc can all impact the roll we put on the ball.  This leads us to the grip, which can also have a major impact on our stroke and success.  Are your hands in the right position, do they line up with what your eyes see, does it cause tension, etc?  YES the putter grip matters and SuperStroke has built an empire on oversized putter grips.  Figuring out which one is for you could be challenging with so many options, but I settled on the SuperStroke Ryder Cup USA Tour 1.0 Grip as my favorite.

Ryder Cup Grips

There is nothing more exciting in golf than the Ryder Cup.  In my opinion it is the best event in golf.  Team golf, national golf, variety of golf and the best of the best golfer make the Ryder Cup my favorite golf event.  Are you team USA or team Europe?  You can pick your team grip and go out there and show some pride by rocking a limited edition grip by SuperStroke.

10 Model Options

The SuperStroke Ryder Cup Grips come in 10 different models: Tour 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, Flatso 1.0, Pistol Tour, Pistol 1.0, Pistol 2.0, 2.0 PT, Tour 3.0 17″, and WristLock.  That means there are 20 total choices for grips between the two teams.  While the choices might be intimidating, SuperStroke has been around now long enough that many golfers have tried one or have found their favorite.  I like the Tour 1.0 with its mid size and non-taper design.  It fits in my hands nicely and helps me put the best roll on the ball.

Install a New Putter Grip

The installation of a SuperStroke Ryder Cup USA Tour 1.0 grip is easy and basically like any other putter grip.  Throw on some tape, soak it in solvent and slide it on, line it up and let it dry.  You’ll be ready to go in no time.  The benefits of a new grip are well documented how they reduce grip pressure and help your game if you change them out more regularly.  While you might have a superstition that your slick, worn down, putter grip is good luck; a new SuperStroke might just change your luck for the better.  You can support the team too during the Ryder Cup “season.”


The SuperStroke Ryder Cupo US Tour 1.0 Grip offers an upgrade to your putter grip while supporting the team.  There are numerous choices in grip styles between the two teams.  You can support USA or Europe while rolling one of the popular SuperStroke Putter Grips.

For More Information: SuperStroke Grip Website

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