Review: Mizuno MP-T11 Wedges

Keeping up with non-conforming grooves
The MP-T11 wedges are Mizuno’s  newest conforming grooved wedges.  With the new rules pertaining to grooves, companies are trying to figure out a way to address spin for amateurs, yet stay within the rules.  I think the MP-T11 is about as close to previous non-conforming grooves that you are going to get.  I played the MP-T10 wedges for much of last season and really like the hit and stick of those wedges.  So when the MP-T11 wedges came out I was skeptical if they could keep up with the MP-T10s since they now had conforming grooves.  
Once again they are offered in 2 finishes, a satin/chrome combo and a nickle black raw finish.  This time I went with the satin/chrome combo to match my MP-63 irons.  They look great together.  While typically I like to review an entire set of wedges because of the variety of shots and needs in wedges,  this time I only reviewed the 60* wedge.
For the most part the MP-T11 wedges are exactly the same as the MP-T10 wedges.  The grind is the same, the shape,  they are really only different when it comes to the finish, grooves and stock shaft.  The feel is still pure Mizuno forged.  They offer some of the best feeling irons and wedges on the market and these are no different.

I typcically use a 60* for 85 yards and in.  I found that this wedge was a little shorter than the MP-T10s  about 10 yards.  I couldn’t seem to get it to fly the full 85 yards on full shots.   But what I did find was the same stopping power on full and partial shots.  I played them sided by side and results were stunning.  Minus the few yards I was missing on full shots, the consistency and spin were near identical.

I think that the spin and loss of yardage might have come from the new stock shaft, the DG Spinners.  These wedge shafts are designed to impart some of that lost spin from conforming grooves. 

So if you need to play conforming grooves and want to get close to where you were at with the non-conforming grooves, check out the Mizuno MP-T11 wedges.  I’m not sure what lofts to get, you may need to drop a couple degrees to keep the distances you want, but you won’t have to sacrifice all the spin to get there.

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Quick Hits
+Great Spin for conforming
+Excellent Mizuno Feel
+Versatile Grind