OnCore VERO X2 & XP Golf Balls Review

"You Just Became A Better Golfer"


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

Continuing on success from prior award winning models, the OnCore VERO X2 and VERO XP golf balls have met or exceeded my expectations for a spot in the bag as a Gamer golf ball. I’ve played 11 rounds of golf and gathered launch monitor data to see what might be your next Gamer.

This is the definitive review for the New OnCore VERO X2 & XP Golf Balls for 2023.

Who is OnCore?

OnCore Golf was Co-Founded in 2011 by Bret Blakely and Steve Coulton and the mission was to deliver high performance golf balls for any skill level. With a commitment to pushing technology in a golf ball to the limit, the first hollow metal core golf ball was introduced in 2014. Since then, proprietary technologies have built a stable full of high performance golf balls that make OnCore a leader as well as a contender in the market. As they would say, “DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERED TO OUTPERFORM”.

Golf Ball Choices

Two questions come to the top of the chart when talking about golf balls. First, what is a good ball for my game? And second, how does this ball compare to a     INSERT BALL NAME HERE    ? My answer to both questions is, it depends. Let’s say you get 10 pure blade irons that all have the same shaft, same head material, same length, same loft/lie, same grip and same swingweight to hit. Should there be a vastly different outcome of the shots you hit with them? Probably not a vastly different outcome, but certainly there could be differences. If it were a true blind test, you wouldn’t know which brand is which prior to testing, only after. This is why I believe we are at a point in the golf industry where there are more quality choices to pick from when it comes to a golf ball than ever before.


High performance golf balls are all about the layers. Each layer is designed to enhance a particular aspect of a shot. From the core to the cover, you get out of each shot what engineers have put into each layer. The OnCore VERO X2 golf ball features a high modulus, metal-infused mantle, connected to a thin cast urethane cover by a nano-engineered transition layer. The key technology is a proprietary perimeter weighting that can significantly reduce side spin and bore through headwinds and crosswinds. The VERO XP continues the advanced performance of the VERO X2 with a softer feel and faster speeds to create the longest golf ball OnCore has ever made thus far.

3 “P”s of Golf Balls

Beyond Technology there are three P’s which highlight my discussions involving golf balls: Performance – Preferences – Price. Each company has multiple options of golf balls that fit into these three P’s. The Direct-To-Consumer market in golf balls has grown to a point where the right ball for your game may not be one you have heard of yet. Let’s look at OnCore Golf and see what might be your next golf ball.


Consistency is the key to peak performance, which is the 1st P in golf ball discussions. The VERO X2 and XP golf balls are very consistent in ball speed, spin and direction, which makes for exceptional performance. One of the first things I noticed in playing either ball outside was how little side movement there was on a shot while in the air. The Perimeter Weighted Mantle layer has a stabilizing effect on ball flight that makes a difference on longer and straighter drives. Iron and wedge shots had more spin than I was used to, which means more control. Faster ball speed, Higher Launch and More Spin = Better Shots.


The 2nd P when talking golf balls is preferences. Nearly every company producing golf balls has expanded the choice from a traditional solid white ball to vivid or bright colored balls. The VERO X2 golf ball has three options: White, Yellow and Matte Green. The logo has arrows pointing from both sides which can help with alignment if you prefer this method of aim for putting. 


If you are like me, the price of a golf ball is something to consider when making purchases. A current check on the retail price per dozen of the current top performance golf balls on the market (not the Sale or Bundle prices per dozen) shows how the OnCore VERO X2 stacks up against the competition. Paying more for a golf ball doesn’t guarantee a better ball and conversely, paying less for a golf ball doesn’t mean a diminished return on performance either. 

OnCore VERO X2 – $42.99 a doz. 

Titleist $55 a doz. – ProV1 / ProV1x

Callaway $49.99 a doz. – Chrome Soft Models

TaylorMade $49.99 a doz. – TP5 / TP5x 

Srixon $47.99 a doz. – Z Star Models

Bridgestone $44.99 a doz. – Tour B Models

(prices taken directly from manufacturers website)


The bottom line for a golfer is exactly that – the bottom line. Each golfer will examine what best suits the needs for your game. Whether technology, performance, preferences or price is one or all of the decision factors in selecting a golf ball, OnCore VERO X2  and VERO XP will meet that challenge. I was surprised by the results of the OnCore VERO X2 and VERO XP golf balls. My scores in the rounds I played them were some of the best all season long. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself with a Tour Performance Pack. 

For More Information:  OnCore Golf Website

OnCore VERO X2 & XP Golf Balls – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Not just Direct to Consumer golf balls, OnCore Golf Balls are made “WITH TECHNOLOGY THAT OUTPERFORMS” .

  • ✅  Pros: Flight Enhancing Proprietary Perimeter Weighting Technology for Optimal Launch, Spin and Direction.

  • ⛔  Cons: Brand recognition is a tough sell if you look at marketing.

  • ⛳  Verdict: A Gamer Golf Ball.


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