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Scrub a Club, Club in the Club Washer


Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

I scrubbed my clubs in The Club Washer attached to my bag for 4 rounds. It looks like those club/ball washers attached to the side of golf carts, but more portable for the side of your bag.  It is a water and bristle system to get the grime and dirt off your clubs so that you can hit better shots. It can also serve as a ball washer too. 

This is the definitive The Club Washer Review for 2023.

Clean Clubs = Better Shots. 

It is a pretty simple equation and proven by plenty of research and data.  In order to fully compress the ball, engage the grooves and impart the maximum efficiency of the club hitting the ball; clean grooves are required.   A clean ball is good too for true and optimal flight. Essentially getting grooves and balls clean take some sort of liquid (usually water), a brush, bristles or something to get into the grooves and a towel.  The Club Washer is a bag that holds water with bristles at the mouth for scrubbing.

Water and Bristles

The Club Washer is a very simple design with the water bag and bristle top.  The club is inserted into the water at the bottom of the bag and then scrubbed by the bristles on the way in and out.  You fill the bag about half full at the beginning of your round and it will easily last all 18 holes.  As the round goes on the water could get dirty, but you still won’t have issues cleaning your clubs because the bristles take care of the groove dirt. You fill the water through the top bristles and it stays in the bag as long as you don’t tip it over.  The top bristles are gentle on clubs and could even be a bit tougher on dirt.

Holding Water

The Club Washer is a leather like bag with a plastic liner.  I found it very durable and capable of holding a cup of water.  It does great while vertical, but if laid down on its side or tipped over, the water leaks out through the bristles.  I didn’t have any issues with it while playing, but remember to empty it before you put your bag and The Club Washer back in your car, it could leak all over your trunk. It is easy to empty, just turn it over in the parking lot or after the last hole. 

A 2-Hand Operation

The Club Washer is a 2-hand operation.  One of the benefits of the similar looking contraptions attached to the side of a golf cart is the 1-hand operation.  However the soft body and clip attachment to the bag means you need one hand on the club and one hand on The Club Washer.  It isn’t much different than any other club washing system with brush and/or towel.  It is quick and efficient to dip the club and give it a scrub, scrub.  You can also use it to clean golf balls by pushing one past the bristles and then popping it back out.


The Club Washer is a nice alternative to a brush with its self contained water and easy scrubbing bristles.  It looks nice on the side of the bag in black or white.  It runs around $50 which is on the higher side of club cleaning devices, but does a nice job of holding water and easily cleaning clubs and balls.  Clean clubs are vital to better scores so The Club Washer is a good simple way to help you game.  It takes little effort to scrub a club, club in The Club Washer.

For More Information: The Club Washer

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