Revo Sunglasses Review: Volition America Collaboration

Great Sunglasses and a Great Cause

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Revo Sunglasses Review

These sunglasses were worn almost every day for 1 month.  I used them for driving, boating, hiking and playing golf. 

Here is my overall experience and thoughts on these sunglasses.

Revo Sunglasses Review
Revo Sunglasses – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Revo partnered with Volition America making a great pair of lightweight comfortable sunglasses that also support a great cause. These are an everyday pair of sunglasses for both on and off the course use.

  • 💰 Price $199.99

  • ✅  Pros Exceptional clarity, Very comfortable, Lightweight, Wear all-day, Stylish and Supports a great cause.

  • ⛔  Cons Expensive sunglasses still break easily and Polarized lenses don’t work well with some lcd displays.

  • ⛳  Verdict The Revo x Volition America Sunglasses are worn every day. The combination of comfort and clarity make them my “go-to” choice of sunglasses.


Sunglasses are a must have golf accessory in AZ.  Actually they are something you pretty much need anytime you walk outside.  The sun is intense year round and good eye protection is absolutely necessary no matter what the activity.  While the $5 gas station sunglasses are better than nothing, there is a clear difference when using great sunglasses.  Revo is known for making some of the best in the business.  They use NASA based technology to give you the best and clearest lenses possible while protecting your eyes from harmful rays.  Pair that with Volition America’s support of Fold of Honor charity and you have one outstanding pair of sunglasses.

The Revo x Volition America Sunglasses I wear are the Descend A model.  These are rimless and have an aviator size and shape to the lenses.  The lenses are their Blue Water tint which is polarized and has a blue reflective coating on the outside. The lenses and frames are incredibly lightweight and have what they call MotionFit which allows them to fit snugly without pinching or slipping.  They have Revo and Volition logoing on the lenses as well as the frames. The black frames are glossy and have straight red rubber grips over the ears.

The Revo x Volition America Sunglasses are centered on exceptional lenses.  Good sunglasses aren’t based on how dark they make things look, really it is about how bright they make things look while protecting your eyes as well as letting them relax rather than squint.  Revo does a great job with their Blue Water lenses of making everything crisp and clear while reducing stress on your eyes and protecting them from the harmful sun rays.  I also really like the size of these lenses since they are slightly bigger than most rimless glasses.  Because they are so lightweight they can get away with a bigger lens which means even more protection from the wind which is great for a contact wearer like myself.

With and without Revo Sunglasses

The Revo x Volition America Sunglasses are wonderful on the golf course because they are so crystal clear to look through.  They offer a polarized view of the landscape which is great for seeing contours and subtleties on the greens.  The make the colors really pop and a white golf ball is easier to spot while wearing these glasses.  The only downside of polarized lenses is that they make it hard to see the red numbers on my rangefinders LCD display. 

The Revo x Volition America Sunglasses are an investment.  While I believe that good eyewear is worth the investment, my wife does not.  She loses and breaks sunglasses way too often to invest in a good pair.  These come with a soft case and a hard case so you can easily keep these safe.  So it kind of depends on your care for sunglasses.  These aren’t the most fragile pair I’ve ever had, but they are certainly breakable.


If you need a great pair of sunglasses and want to support a great cause, the Revo x Volition America Descend A sunglasses are one of my favorites.  They are so lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long as well as the clear view through them.  Add to that the important sun protection and wind protection these lenses offer, you can go wrong with these sunglasses.

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