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Srixon Z785 Irons Review

Greatness Just Got Smoother
The Srixon Z785 irons are the latest evolution of in the 700 series of irons.  The last 2 models; the Z745 and Z765 were some of my favorite irons I’ve ever reviewed.  This model offers players looks, excellent forged feel and just enough forgiveness to help good golfers get even more out of their irons.  These are irons have been great with each new model with simple refinements to make them better each time.  The newest version just got smoother in every way compared to previous models.  If you are looking for a new set of irons, these ought to be at the very top of your list to try.  You are going to be impressed by how smooth these great irons are.
Srixon has made great 700 series irons in the past and there wasn’t a huge need for improvement, but if one were to get really picky about the details it might be said that they were very angular, almost sharp in appearance.  The Srixon Z785 irons are their smoothest and most refined yet.  It is almost as if they took the older model and sanded down the sharp edges.  They made the cavity a little cleaner and just made the overall look of the clubs smoother.

The Srixon Z785 irons maintain all the features that make them great, and even had some tweaks made to make them even better.  The V.T. sole grind is still basically the best in the business and this too got smoothed out for that same great in and out of the turf versatility.  There really isn’t anything else out there that plays from any lie or any turf conditions as well as these irons.  The sole of these irons is one of the reasons they play so well on the course.

The Srixon Z785 irons adjusted the CG slightly to move the mass almost directly behind the ball.  It was slightly heel side in the Z745 and slightly toe in the Z765 and now the Z785 have it dead center.  This just makes the clubs feel even more solid and allows for even more ability to work the ball some or just hit it straight.  This slight change for me meant the ball just wanted to go straight on virtually every swing.  While the previous models flew rather straight, these seemed even straighter.  Since the weight is in the middle, the manipulation of right or left is easier than when it is heel or toe.

The Srixon Z785 irons come with a new stock shaft, the Nippon Modus 3 120.  These shafts are the smoothest hitting shafts on the market too.  So from a feel perspective, I don’t think there is a much softer, smoother feeling shaft and head you can buy.  The forged head is 1020 soft carbon steel which is about as soft as it gets.  The cavity back is done so that there is minimal loss of feel if you don’t hit dead center too.  There is feedback if you get off to the edges of the head in terms of feel and performance.

Here at iGolfReviews we believe in testing and playing all clubs on the course.   We know others have testing facilities or hit them into a net in their garage with launch monitor, but on-course testing for us is the only way.   Srixon sent a 4,6 and 9 iron for this review.  The first round was actually really good.  I could beat most golfers with just 3 irons in the bag compared to 8.  It seemed that approaches and par 3s all fell close enough to the 3 different irons I had, that I scored really well.  Unfortunately the 2nd round I had these in the bag, I almost threw them in the lake on 18.  It didn’t matter what I hit off the tee, I always needed an iron I didn’t have.  It was a terrible round of golf.  I can’t really say how these would score as a full 8 iron set, but the 4,6 and 9 iron did line up with my normal distances I hit those clubs.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Srixon Z785  —  6-iron

  • Spin: 6125 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 20.2*
  • Dispersion: 3.3 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 90.4 mph
  • Ball Speed: 120.3 mph
  • Total Distance:  173.1 yds
  • Carry Distance:  168.9 yds

The Srixon Z785 irons are a great set of irons.  The previous models were awesome and these just smoothed out some of the sharper edges of those models.  They feel great, looks awesome and are as smooth as anything you can buy.  The new stock shaft is really good, the improved V.T. sole is excellent and the center CG mass just has these hitting the ball straight.  I wouldn’t recommend only playing 3 clubs, get the whole set for maximum performance.  Check out what makes the new Srixon Z785 irons so smooth.

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Quick Hits:
+Smooth lines
+Straight hitting
+Soft feel
+Great turf interaction
+Excellent stock shaft
+Incremental improvements

–only tested 3 irons

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