Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag Review

The Best Cart Bag Because it Has the Best Features

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This is my definitive Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag Review.  

I’ve been using this cart bag for my rounds here in Arizona for a while now and have a lot of things to say here in this review.

Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About The C-130 has 12 stock color combinations and now they offer a “build your own” option to create the exact color combo you want.

  • ✅  Pros Rides perfectly on a cart, excellent details, 10+ pockets and great looks

  • ⛔  Cons Only for carts.

  • ⛳  Verdict I’ve used a lot of golf bags and the Sun Mountain C-130 is the best cart bag you can buy. It looks cool but functions even better on a riding cart.

While purist might look down on riding carts, there is nothing wrong with using this powered mode of transportation around the golf course. Here in AZ it is rare to see golfers walking. Between the heat and course designs, almost every course that I’ve played in AZ includes a riding cart with the green fees. Since the majority of my rounds use a riding cart, I’ve been on the search for the best cart bag. Sure a carry bag works, but having a full featured bag designed for a riding cart is just better. Most golf bags are offered in a carry version or a cart version. Sun Mountain offers the biggest selection of bags of any company. After looking through their choices, I went with their best seller, the C-130. There must be a reason it is their best seller. It is their best seller because it is the best cart bag you can buy with the best features.
The first thing that you will notice when selecting a Sun Mountain bag is their huge selection of colors.  The C-130 has 12 stock color combinations and now they offer a “build your own” option to create the exact color combo you want.  I think at the end of the day this is a more important feature than companies might realize.  The main selling point of a bag is the color.  I’ve talked to 100s of golfers about their bag choice and it was one of the top reasons for their choice.  They want a bag that looks god to their eye.  If you go to a big box golf store and look at the hundreds of bags they have in stock, a golfer will gravitate toward the bag they like the looks of the best.  I was really happy with the 12 stock options that are offered for the C-130 bag.  I had a hard time deciding, but finally settled on the “Iron/Cement” bag.  I really like the grey tones.  What was even better is that when the bag arrived the materials have some real texture to them as well, it isn’t just color.
The Sun Mountain C-130 has been refined over numerous years so that it has a collection of all the best features needed for a cart bag.  Obviously a big feature is the fact that this bag is a cart bag and has no intentions of being any other kind of bag.  It is big and feature packed without worrying about being lightweight or compact.  This is a matter of size being important.  The large top and large pockets make it idea for use on a riding cart.  Once you get it out of the trunk,  it is nice to have plenty of space and features.  One feature that I really appreciate is the Smart Strap System.  The C-130 has 2 velcro straps on the back of the bag that will attach to virtually any golf cart basket.  One of the worst sounds in golf is when the bag falls off a cart and crashes onto the cart path.  If you use the Smart Strap System that will never happen.  You can still use the cart strap, but this gives you peace of mind and keeps the bag from twisting too.  I also used it on my push cart for a couple rounds and it works really well for that.
Once the Sun Mountain C-130 is strapped and loaded on your cart, you will find use of the plethora of pockets.  Each side has 3 pockets and the spine has 4 for a total of 10 pockets.  While the pockets vary in size, most are quite large and can be used for a variety of purposes.  The largest side pockets I like to put my Yuneec Breeze 4K drone in one and rain gear in the other.  There is a “cooler” pocket on the left side of the bag that will easily hold 6 cans of your choice beverage.  There  other side I often put paper stuff like receipts and score cards.  The small angled pockets on the side work great for wallets, keys and cel-phone.  You can load up the side pockets with a lot of gear.  The spine pockets are the most accessible while riding.  The top one I like to use of my rangefinder.  As I work my way down, the next pocket is a smaller velour lined pocket that I use for my ball markers, divot tools and tees.  The bottom to pockets are fairly large so I tend to keep loose golf balls in the first one and spare sleeves in the bottom one.  While you can use the pockets however you wish, there are plenty of option and they are big and super functional.
The top of the Sun Mountain C-130 is another one of its best features.  The grab handles are really nice for moving the bag around, but also for protecting the clubs.  The 14 way top is well thought out and functions extremely well on the course.  It is not symmetrical across the top which is nice for some bigger slots for the driver and putter or whatever other clubs you might choose to put in those slots.  Since it is exclusively designed for a riding cart, it is tiered with that in mind.  The woods sit higher than the irons and the wedge and putter sit the lowest for easy access and sight on the course.  This bag offers the quickest access to whatever club you are looking for while playing.  The putter well is plenty large for even the largest of oversized grips.  The clubs ride nice with very little clanging.  There is also no binding at the top or bottom when inserting or removing a club.
The Sun Mountain C-130 is filled with other little details that really make this bag the best.  The loops on both sides of the bag for towels, brushes, and rangefinders really keep things readily available.  The velcro for keeping a glove on the exterior of the bag is nice for drying it out.  The pen slot is nice to keep a sharpie available for marking your ball.  The flat base sit nicely on the cart, but also in storage wherever you keep you bag between rounds.  The molded handle works well for lifting the bag in and out of the trunk.  The upper pocket on the spine is also liftable so that you can slide the cart strap under it while in use.


I’ve used a lot of golf bags and the Sun Mountain C-130 is the best cart bag you can buy.  It looks cool but functions even better on a riding cart.  I found every feature well thought out and in the proper place.  The zippers are easy to use and strong along with big pocket space to accommodate just about every accessories you want to bring along.  If you  ride the majority of your rounds, you need a cart bag and the Sun Mountain C-130 is the best because it has all the best features.  Build your own or pick a cool stock color combo and enjoy the ride. 

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Quick Hits

➕ Great looks
➕ 10 Pockets
➕ Smart Strap System
➕ 14 way top
➕ Nice materials and textures
➕ Build your own option
➕ Excellent details
➕ Rides perfectly on a cart


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