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A Golf Essential to Stay Warm

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Sun Mountain updated their Colter Vest in 2023 with improved insulation, more stretch and tighter fit.  The 37.5® insulation is the heat of this golf essential.  I wore this a few times on cool mornings because of the chill in the air.  I believe every golfer needs a vest in their arsenal when temperatures drop.  The Sun Mountain Colter II checks every box of a perfect golf vest.

 This is the definitive Sun Mountain Colter II Vest Review for 2023.

You may not be thinking golf vest today in the middle of summer, but many days even in summer start or end with some cool temps.  I’ve found over the years one of the worst things for my golf game is feeling cold.  It creates tension which often produces poor swings.  While we all crave perfect weather, those days don’t always line up with our golf days.  A Sun Mountain Colter II Vest can be a life saver/game saver on those days.  If you can keep your core warm, you can often keep your swing loose.

37.5® Insulation

The Sun Mountain Colter II Vest uses 37.5® insulation with has Thermoregulation Technology.  It uses your body temperature to naturally thermoregulate.  Here is a little bit about the technology from their website:

37.5® insulation permanently incorporates ultra-porous volcanic minerals and coconut-derived activated carbon into insulations using a patented process. The temperature regulating materials powered by 37.5 Technology work by absorbing the infrared (IR) energy your body naturally emits, which energizes our active particles to speed evaporation and remove humidity next to your skin. The billions of micro-pores in 37.5 active particles massively increase the surface area of fibers and other materials to remove moisture at the vapor stage—before you even break a sweat. Unlike wicking materials that simply distribute moisture, the moisture control fabrics and materials with 37.5 Technology actually remove it.

I’d describe it as the perfect vest to keep you at a comfortable temperature for golf.  It offers warmth without overheating.  It keeps your core perfectly warm for every swing.


The Sun Mountain Colter II Vest improved the fit by making the vest a little tighter, a little thinner and even more stretchy.  I love wearing a vest on and off the course on cool days. The Colter II is a “puffy” vest that doesn’t look puffy, which is what I’m looking for.  This one is perfect with a slimmed down fit yet still being extremely warm.  There is more stretch in the sides too so that swinging is even easier.  A vest by nature is fairly easy to swing in, but a nice tight fit without being restrictive is even better in the Colter II.


Can a Vest make your scores better?  The Sun Mountain Colter II Vest will not improve your golf game, but being warm reduces tension which in turn means better swing mechanics.  If you can swing better when it is cold, you can score better.  If you get out a big, bulky, restrictive jacket to stay warm; your swing will most likely feel the effects.  The Sun Mountain Colter II Vest will keep you swinging freely and warmly.  Also since it packs so small, it can easily fit in the most minimal of carry bags so that you can be ready whenever the cool temps roll in.


The Sun Mountain Colter II Vest is a golf essential.  While the middle of summer might not have you thinking “vest” or cool temperatures for golf, but in just a short time you’ll want to get that vest out to keep your core warm while playing golf. It is amazing how cool temperatures can effect your swing, so be prepared with the best vest you can buy to stay comfortably warm; the Sun Mountain Colter II with 37.5® insulation.

For more information:  37.5 Website Or Sun Mountain Website

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