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The Makers of the Smallest Sunday Bag Bring You the Biggest Cart Bag

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My clubs rode around with me for 5 rounds of golf in one of the biggest cart bags on the market: The Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag.  Sunday Golf made a splash into the golf world a couple years ago with a small “Sunday” carry bag.  They grew from there as did their golf bags getting slightly bigger with each new bag.  Now they have both the smallest and the biggest golf bags in golf.

This is the definitive Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag Review for 2024.

Size Matters

There are so many jokes about this expression, but when it comes to cart bags, yes bigger is better.  Obviously there are some limits to how big a cart bag can be since there is kind of an industry standard on the bag holders on the back of power carts.  There is space for 2 bags, there is a molded bottom that will only fit a certain size base and there is a strap at the top what will only hold so big of a bag.  Within those constraints there is a fair amount of wiggle room in size.  The Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag is one of the biggest ones out there.  Even though it is huge, it isn’t that heavy all by itself, the weight comes when you load it full of gear.  But that truly is the beauty of this bag, you can load it up for multiple rounds; I say an entire golf trip and never have to restock. (except for ice in the frosty pocket)

14-Way Molded Top

The Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag has a 14-way molded top which is incredibly sturdy and keeps the clubs nicely separated and ready to go for every shot.  They slide in an out easily from each fully divided slot and the rubber molded top does a nice job of protecting everything.  It has big handles too on the top for both protection and lifting which work very well to move the bag from ground to cart or trunk to ground.  I like how the shaft stay divided with the space that is created by this top between clubs.  The putter slot is extra big to accommodate even the largest oversized grip.

So Many Big Pockets

The Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag can carry everything you will every need for a round of golf and more.  There are so many pockets and they are all big.  The top spine pocket is magnetic which makes it easy to access more golf balls, tees, rangefinder or whatever you choose to put in there.  The cooler pocket is on the spine too and it can carry multiple cans/bottles of your favorite beverage.  It is a must here in AZ with the heat.  The lower pocket of the spine is also large and can keep things like club wrench, extra balls, GPS, or other accessories.  Both sides of the bag have very large pockets for shoes, raingear, training aids, you name it, they should fit.  There are valuables pockets that are velour lined, there are quick access slots for a waterbottle and anything you might think of bringing to the course will still have room and probably some leftover space.

Cart Function

The Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag rides nicely on a power or push cart.  The top spine pocket has velcro under it so you can lift it up and secure the straps to the bag keeping it secure.  If you want it the most secure, use the velcro loops on the back to attach it to the basket.  While it is big, it still plays nicely with other golf bags next to it on a power cart.  I also found it rode securely on a push cart too.  The pockets are all accessible and the top keeps the clubs from banging around too much.  All-in-all it offers exactly what golfers want in a cart bag: great storage, secure clubs, dedicated slots, plenty of protection along with stability. Another really important feature is how stable it is off the cart.  I hate setting my bag down at the bag drop only to have it tipped over by the time I come back, but the Big Rig doesn’t move, even in the wind because of the balance and base.


The Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag is big and awesome.  I’m impressed that the company that built a brand on small carry “Sunday” bag has grown to bring you one of the biggest cart bags you can buy.  The 4 color options are well done with black, grey, green or almond.  The little details raise the standard of cart bags with double side loops, velcro for gloves, a carabiner ring, excellent zippers and slots and pockets for everything.  This bag also has durability, function and storage.  If you want a cart bag with more space, more storage, 14-way molded top and stability, this is the perfect cart bag for you.

For More Information: Sunday Golf Website

**One cool features as part of their initial launch if free embroidery on the pocket**

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