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I acquired distances with a Mileseey PF1 Laser Rangefinder during my last 4 rounds of golf.  It is one of the most compact, yet powerful and accurate lasers I have tested.  Mileseey might not be a household rangefinder name, but it certainly packs a punch in this little waterproof laser rangefinder.  

This is the definitive Mileseey PF1 Laser Rangefinder Review for 2023.


What is the Right Size Rangefinder?

This is a most interesting question since it tends to be personal preference as much as anything.  If you have big hands, a big rangefinder; if you have smaller hands a smaller rangefinder; if you are a little shaky, heavier; if you caddy, lighter.  I don’t think there is a one size fits all.  Many lasers have found kind of a sweet spot around the size of a double thick cell-phone, but even cell-phone vary greatly in size.  The Mileseey PF1 Laser Rangefinder is on the smaller side of the spectrum, not the smallest we’ve used, but certainly compact.


The Mileseey PF1 Laser Rangefinder is compact, light and completely waterproof.  It has a rating of IP 65 which means you could even drop it in a pond and no harm will come to your laser rangefinder.  Since I golf in AZ, this might not be a high priority, however I did run into a monsoon rain during one of my rounds and the Mileseey PF1 held up like a champ.  It can even acquire distances during a heavy rain. Basically if you can play golf in the weather, this laser can get the yardages.  For golfers in wet climates, this is the best option out there to deal with the elements.  You don’t have to worry if “weatherproof” will be enough, this thing is completely waterproof.  


The Mileseey PF1 Laser Rangefinder has a 6x magnification and a very high light transmission which means you can zoom in nicely on your target and it will be bright and clear. This is very helpful in lower light condition on cloudy days.  Every rangefinder works about the same on beautiful bright blue sky days, but Mileseey really shines on days that are less than ideal.  The optics and display are bight and easy to read in bright or dim conditions.  It offers a very informative display with line of sight distance, slope angle, and adjusted distance. You can turn the slope on and off depending on your golfing situation and there is a green light flashes on the top of the rangefinder indicating that the slope is on.

On-Course Usage

The Mileseey PF1 Laser Rangefinder comes with grey waterproof “hard” case which has a zipper to keep it secured when not in use.  The buttons are pretty straight forward like most rangefinders.  It goes to sleep when not in use, the large “play” button wakes it up and shoots the laser.  The eye piece is adjustable so you can dial it in for your eyes.  One nice feature is that it has a rechargeable battery so you just plug it into a USB-C and in no time it is fully charged.  While it doesn’t use the CR-2 battieres like so many lasers, the battery life is just as long.  I haven’t even touched the full battery after 4 rounds of golf.  I’m guessing it could make it all season like so many other laser rangefinders do.  It doesn’t have a magnet which has kind of become standard on lasers now, but there a multiple $20 magntic straps out there you can buy to stick it to the arm of a cart.

Speed and Distance

The Mileseey PF1 Laser Rangefinder has all the same speed and pin locking features of the best lasers on the market.  It calculates quickly and locks on the flag accurately. The advanced flag lock and pulse vibration give you confidence that you’ve acquired the intended target and the distance is accurate.  In more 4 rounds I only had one flag that was missed or took multiple shots to acquire.  (that may have been user error as much as a laser problem) I tested it side by side with much  higher priced lasers and the distances and calculations were the same.  I was impressed by this compact laser for its speed and accuracy.


The Mileseey PF1 Laser Rangefinder sets itself apart from the competition in size and waterproof.  If you walk most of your rounds and often play in rainy weather, this is the best laser rangefinder for that situation.  The compact waterproof PF1 will work perfectly in the rain acquiring distances while holding up to the weather.  It is small and lightweight so you can keep your gear from weighing you down as much as possible.  I understand a few onces of rangefinder isn’t that big of deal, but if you add all the various ways you can save some weight, this will help potentially saving your pounds on your back and knees.  I think that Mileseey designed something different and useful for golfers wanting a compact waterproof laser rangefinder. Well Done!! 

For more information: Mileseey Website

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