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The Fairest Fairway Finder at a Fair Price

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I gamed the Takomo 101U Driving Iron for 7 rounds this fall.  It just wanted to hit fairway after fairway.  It has some of the “fairest” looks of a driving irons while hitting low laser like shots.  While this 2-iron driving iron is amazing off the tee, it also works well of the turf.  If you want to find some fairways at a fair price, the Takomo 101U Driving Iron should be at the top of your list.      

This is the definitive Takomo 101U Driving Iron Review.


Who is Takomo?

This is our 3rd review of Takomo products and we continue to be impressed by their great looks, high quality, excellent performance and fair price.  This Scandanavian company brings timeless design to the golf world while offering it at affordable prices.  They have done very well in testing here and other websites.  They use high quality forgings paired with classic simple designs.  They have also put some modern technology to use in hollow forged clubs.  The Takomo 101U Driving Iron is an extension of the 101 line, but blends very nicely into the 201 or 301 sets as a long iron/hybrid/driving iron.

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Driving Iron

The Takomo 101U Driving Iron comes in 3 models, 2,3,4 irons.  You could play more than one if you want or grab a single club to fill in the gap between 3-wood and irons.  I went 2 iron to get the lowest launch and longest distance.  While the joke is that God can’t even hit a 2-iron, this really isn’t that hard to hit.  It is easiest to hit off a tee and find fairways.  That little bit of lift off the ground makes it easy to launch it just a little bit more, yet still have low laser like shots that find the fairway. One of the biggest advantages of the Takomo 101U Driving Iron is the low launch and low spin which means you can run the ball down the fairway avoiding wind and soft landings which reduce distance.  This just hits piercing shots that roll out very nicely.

Hollow Body Forged

The Takomo 101U Driving Iron is built like the 101 irons which are hollow body forged irons.  The design is being used by almost every golf manufacturer to created awesome feel, more pop and long hitting clubs.  The Takomo 101U Driving Iron has incredibly solid feel while offering excellent “pop” off the face.  Ball speeds are very good off the face with very low spin, but sufficient launch to get down the fairway.


The Takomo 101U Driving Iron offers some versatility, but is aimed at golfers that prefer an “iron” look for their utility club as well as generate enough speed to launch the ball without substantial help.  An 18* hybrid is easier to launch, but the 101U 18* has very penetrating launch, lots of roll and very straight.  It doesn’t get up and float and spin like a hybrid might, it just goes low, long and straight.  It has a wide enough sole you can hit it out of the rough or fairway, but again that lower launch requires some quality and confidence with teh swing.  It is an escape artist if you need to hit low shots to stay under branches, but yet get some distance.

High Quality/Low Price

The Takomo 101U Driving Iron comes stock with a KBS Hybrid 80gram shaft.  The black shaft paired with the grey Lamkin Crossline grip is some of the best in the business.  The fit and finish are all spot on and this club oozes high quality.  However that quality comes with a fair price.  While we don’t judge clubs based on price, however, that is certainly part of the equation when the Takomo 101U Driving Iron is half the cost of most of its competitors.  It is direct to consumer so you might not be able to test it out first, but trust me you are going to like this club. 


We continue to be impressed with Takomo golf clubs.  The Takomo 101U Driving Iron is one “fair” looking club that finds fairways at a fair price.  If you want a low launch, low spin, fairway finder, this driving iron is for you.  For those that like the iron look, can generate launch and want something that goes straight, this is the perfect combination of feel, looks, and performance.  

For more information: Takomo Website

Takomo 101U Driving Iron – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Takomo Golf continues to impress with their high quality forged clubs at a fair price. They offer everything a golfer wants with great feel, excellent looks and outstand performance. The 101U Driving Iron extends their brand into the long iron segment.

  • ✅  Pros: Amazing looks, Consistency, Low launch, Low Spin, Straight, High Quality, Amazing hollow forged feel.

  • ⛔  Cons: Driving iron might be too hard to launch for high handicap goflers, limited fitting options or in person demo clubs.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you want a driving iron that finds fairways, looks good, launchs low and won't break the bank, the Takomo 101U Driving Iron is perfect. I'm impressed by this high quality club that really fits in my bag.


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