Review: TaylorMade Penta TP5 Ball

Closing the Gap
In 2012 Taylormade has started to close the gap and challenge that #1 ball spot with the Penta TP5. Over the past decade one ball company has dominated the tour. In the last couple years the other ball companies have made great strides in catching up.

This is now the second version of Taylormade’s 5 layer ball.  I really liked the 1st version.  I felt like it was one of the longer balls off the tee and had pretty good spin around the green.  Many thought that the cover wasn’t durable enough, nor did it spin enough off wedges; thus some modifications were made and now you have the Penta TP5.

I’ve been able to get in 6 rounds now with the TP5 ball and really have enjoyed them all.  This ball is just about the longest ball off the tee for me.  The newer version is just a touch softer than the older Penta.  It was not a huge change, but playing them side by side I could tell the difference.  The softer core is also designed to offer lower spin off the driver for longer tee shots.  I think this may be one of the longest balls of the tee.

On iron shots I found the Penta TP5s a little longer than the originals because of the lower launch angle and lower spin.  It could still hold the greens just fine and didn’t have big yardage gains, but here and there coming into some familiar greens I noticed a difference.

The green side spin was also raised just a bit, again not huge changes, maybe a few hundred rpms.  This can really make a difference when using the new grooves, those few rpms can make a difference in the remaining putt.  It still is not the highest spinning ball around the greens, but definitely improved.


Off the putter, I think the softer feel really comes through.  That buttery feel off the putter really leads to confidence on the green.  It pops off the face nicely, not hot, nor clicky, but smoothly rolling.

While many companies go with 2 top tier balls, a distance ball and a spin ball, Taylormade has opted to have 1 top ball that really offers a compromise.  It is a softer spin like ball, but tends to play a little more like a distance ball.  The best of both worlds.

While there is still a cult following of the TP Red LDP, the  new Penta TP5 is about as close as you are going to get.  For me, I like the TP5 better, I was never sold on the TP Red feel.

There is a reason the gap is closing on tour; the Penta TP5 is a great ball.  Longer than the original Penta, slightly lower launching and improved feel, yet better durability.

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Quick Hits
+Longest off the tee
+Improved softer feel
+Great durability

–Moderate iron & wedge spin


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