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Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

I received a coupled dozen ReNew Golf Balls with IGR logos as well as an accessory gift pack with an IGR logoed towel, divot tool, tees and ball marker.  Everything is highest quality and comes nicely presented.   ReNew is the largest refinishing and recycling golf ball company in the US.  Are refurbished and recycled golf balls worth it?  Do you have a logo you want on golf balls or accessories? 

This is the definitive ReNew Golf Balls Review for 2023.

Refinished vs. Recycled?

 This has become a hotly debated question as of late, especially when you see a refinished ProV1 only to find the original ball was a Callaway.  A Refinished golf ball is one that has been repainted to look like new while a Recycled golf ball is simply one that was hit in the water or woods and has been found and is now being resold.  Statistics say that an average golf ball last 4 hits before it is lost or taken out of play.  For the average golfer does a brand new $5 ProV1 make that much difference in their score vs. a $2 recycled or refinished ProV1?  I supposed that depends if you are an average golfer or serious competitor? I think  in the hierarchy of golf balls it goes: New, Recycled, Refinished.  ReNew Golf Balls offers recycled and refinished golf balls as well as novelty golf balls.

Refinished Performance

All golf balls are painted.  ReNew Golf Balls go through the same process as new golf balls:  they are a raw urethane cover that is painted with the same process as the OEM.  ReNew first strips them down, not just paints over the OEM paint.  They are very careful about making sure the cores are the same as what they paint on the outside so you won’t get a Top Flite painted as a ProV1.  The ReNew ProV1s and TP5s  looked like new.  The OEM logoing is slightly different.  Not drastically different, but obvious that Titleist or TaylorMade didn’t do the work.  However, I found little determinable difference on the course.  I played 1 ball for an entire round and didn’t have any weird flight or performance issues.  I was actually very happy with the spin and distance all 18 holes.  But be aware, refinished golf balls are different than original OEM golf balls.

Custom Logos

ReNew Golf Balls is a professional paint shop for golf balls.  That is probably why their logo work is some of the best I’ve ever used.  I’ve had logoed golf balls before for IGR, only to find them wear off/wear down over the course of 18 holes.  The ReNew logo golf ball still look like new after a full round of golf.  If I was going to do logos for a special occasion or company outing, ReNew Golf Balls does it best.

Logo Accessories

ReNew Golf Balls also makes gift sets for accessories like towels, ball makers, divot tools, tees, etc.  Since they know their way around paint and logos, their accessories have excellent logos too, are high quality and make a statement.  You can get personalized statements or logos on any variety of gift packs.  They also have holiday items, blank golf balls or novelty logos.  If you want something unique on a golf ball or an accessory to match, they probably have it somewhere on their website.  Their holiday gift packs might make a great low priced Christmas golf  gift.


This is why ReNew Golf Balls exists.  They offer ProV1 at 1/2 the price of new ones.  The other brands are as good if not better prices.  If you are a serious golfer, don’t lose many golf balls, or need to play the newest ball; ReNew Golf Balls probably aren’t for you.  But average golfers looking for deals on ProV1s without spending so much, these are an alternative to diving in the pond or rummaging through the woods.  They offer recycled and refinished balls.  They will both server their purpose on the golf course.  If you want long lasting logo work, they do it best. The entire dozen was perfect so it comes down to your price point, your preference, and your trust.


ReNew Golf Balls offer refinished, recycled and customized golf balls and accessories.  If you are looking for low priced, unique and custom golf balls, you won’t find a better selection than ReNew. If your typical golf ball lasts 4 hits, why not save some funds, yet play ProV1s or your favorite top shelf golf ball.  ReNew doesn’t let these balls go to waste, but gives them new life through a new paint job and then sells them at 1/2 the price.  They are not 100% the same as the original OEM ball and paint, but for most golfers they will perform just as well.  If you want logo work done, ReNew does amazing work with golf balls and accessories. 

For More Information: ReNew Golf Balls Website

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