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Three Sixty Six Golf Apparel‘s mission is to grow the game through passion and hard work so that you can enjoy stylish golf apparel without the high costs of other brands. I am most impressed by the sheer size of their collection of apparel.  While many brands offer a few shirts in a few colors, Three Sixty Six offers every color under the sun in many different styles.

 This is the definitive Three Sixty Six Golf Apparel Review for 2023.

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The 4 shopping qualities most golfers look for in apparel is style, color, fit and price.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve said, if only they had that shirt in that color and style, or that fit and that price, only to feel limited by what I find in the store/online.  Three Sixty Six offers virtually every style, every fit, every color imaginable at a great price.  A quick peak through their website or their Amazon store shows so many choices.  They even have a pre-order program that offers more choices at even better prices if you are willing to wait a little bit for them to arrive once they’ve fulfilled a quota.  If you are looking for a particular style in a certain color, they probably offer it at a great price.

Collarless Polo

The Three Sixty Six Quick Dry Collarless Polo is a unique piece of golf apparel.  It has been 20 years since Tiger Woods first rocked a mock/collarless polo.  It still remains debatable if it is proper golf apparel.  I’ve seen a few private courses still require a collar as proper attire, however those are few and far between.  Most accept this as golf apparel.  It is also a nice change of pace if you are looking for something a little different.  Depending on your neck/beard situation it may look better on you than a regular polo too.  This one has great texture in the color, great fit, is very comfortable on and off the course and comes in 15 colors. It is lightweight and moisture wicking tech fabric without getting too thin. Sizing is spot on as I wore a M like I do from most companies.  I had a number of people that commented how much their liked this Collarless Polo.

Cargo Shorts

The Three Sixty Six Lightweight Cargo Shorts are another potential lightning rod of golf apparel.  I’ve also seen these “banned” from private courses too.  However I think that the way that Three Sixty Six created theirs, I’d have a hard time believing that anyone would notice.  These Lightweight 4-way stretch khaki shorts are very stylish and don’t look like “cargo” shorts.  They have a nice fit, smooth look and the “cargo” is mostly hidden.  They are both very comfortable and functional on the golf course.  They fit comfortably in my normal 34″ waist. You will really love these shorts how they fit and wear.

1/4 Zip Pullover

Every golfer needs a pullover or something long sleeved to get you through those cooler temps.  It might just be a few holes to start or end or it could be all 18 holes.  Summer can have some big swings in temps and it is really nice to have a thin, stretchy pullover in your bag.  The Three Sixty Six 1/4 Zip Dry Fit Pullover is one of the better ones out there.  It isn’t big and bulky, but smooth, stretchy and fit. It comes in 7 colors to match your apparel needs.  I like the warmth it gives without overheating.  It isn’t going to keep you warm when the temps get really low, but for most of the golf season it will work perfectly. 


Three Sixty Six Golf Apparel offers one of the largest collection of choices of style, colors and fit.  You are almost certain to find something you like at a reasonable price.  Their motto of working 366 day a year, 8 day a week and 25 hours a day shows in the quality and quantity of golf apparel.  Check out their pre-order page for even better deals and designs.  The 4 shopping qualities that golfers look for: fit, style, color and price are all on point with Three Sixty Six Golf Apparel.

For more information:  Three Sixty Six Website 

Get 15% off with code IGR15

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