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I hit the Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver for 5 rounds of golf.  I also tested it on the range and in the Office by Carl’s Place DIY Simulators.  The combination of on course testing and FlightScope numbers proved that Wilson finally has a driver that can compete with the best of the best.  The Dynapower line is loaded with power and distance. The extensive use of carbon created a low spinning, high launching great feeling driver.

This is my definitive review of the Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver for 2023.


The Dynapower name goes back decades to the 1950s.  Wilson was revolutionary at the time with their design.  Fast forward 75 years later and Wilson is using AI to design their driver.  It seems appropriate to use the name again for a driver that is revolutionary for Wilson.  They have created a low spin high launch driver that brings the power, Dynapower.  Over the last few years Wilson drivers have struggled to keep up with the top performers, but this year, they have a driver that can keep up and even surpass some of the more “popular” models.  The Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver combines AI technology for design with lots of carbon fiber paired with titanium for good looks and great performance.

AI Designed

The Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver has an AI designed face ,PKR2, which Wilson describes like this, “Dynapower AI analyzed thousands of permutations to find the perfect thickness for each section of the club face, resulting in the fastest ball speeds and maximum forgiveness.”  This basically means you can squeeze the most out of your swing since they have taking into account the most likely hits and misses you are going to make on the tee.  The more power that can be retained and returned to the ball on each hit means better, more powerful drives.

Carbon Body

The Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver has a mostly carbon fiber shell.  This allows Wilson to manipulate the mass, CG and MOI for achieving low spin and high launch.  We’ve heard for years about this combo that can be hard to find.  If you get one, you often don’t get the other.  Wilson left most of the carbon body visible with some matte coating on it which makes this driver look really good.  It also has a most pleasant sound that has a old-school crack to it while still feeling very powerful.

Neutral Axis and Low Spin

The Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver has a neutral axis which means it likes to hit the ball straight, but can work it both directions if necessary.  Essentially Wilson kept the weight in the middle  so that it pushes the power right through the ball, rather than trying to correct flight with weight away from the ball.  The 12 grams of weight are low, center and forward which helps reduce spin, yet still offering good forgiveness.  The low spin, neutral axis and high launch all work hand in hand to offer really beautiful drives.  Teh ball jumps off the face, flies straight with a majestic flight that hangs in the air a long time and then lands with some roll out.


The Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver has 1 stock shaft options.  The Fujikura Ventus Blue shaft is one of the most popular shafts on the market right now.  The Aftermarket version has Velacore which this one does not, but the main properties of stability, feel, launch and spin are very similar.  You will really like the results you see with this head/shaft combo with low spin and high launch that does it all with excellent feel and control. It is installed in an adjustable hosel so that you can tweak your flight in necessary.

On-Course Performance

The Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver is the surprise driver for 2023.  Not to knock Wilson, but their recent drivers haven’t been impressive.  They’ve been ok, creative, etc, but didn’t perform like their rivals.  The Dynapower can hold its own against the best drivers of 2023.  I loved what I saw off the tee; high flight, long carry, and low spin.  The ball tended to stay on the line it started on.  While this is a 9* driver it is certainly one of the higher launching driver in 2023.  Since it had low spin it worked out really nicely for long straight drives. I had some great scoring rounds with the Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver in the bag.

Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver 9* Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 2093 rpms

 Launch Angle: 13.8*

Dispersion: 5.7 yds

 Club Head Speed: 103.8 mph

 Ball Speed: 154.1 mph

 Total Distance: 293.8 yds

 Carry Distance: 274.9 yds


The Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver brings power to the tee-box thanks to AI design, low spin, neutral axis and high launch.  The combination works really well for long and straight drives.  The Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver can compete with any driver in 2023 and goes toe to toe in performance. I was really happy with the on-course results with the Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver in the bag, you might just be surprised too how well it performs for you.     

For more information: Wilson Website

Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Wilson finally made a driver that competes with the top models from other brands. Their use of AI, carbon, neutral axis and low spin create a powerful low spin driver.

  • ✅  Pros: Low spin, Neutral bias, High launch, Excellent forigiveness, Easy to hit, Long carry, Great sound and feel.

  • ⛔  Cons:Skepticism

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver offers excellent performance which has been lacking from Wilson drivers. The combination works really well on the course for low spin, high launch, straight drives that carry down the fairway and roll out nicely. Wilson designed it to look nice, feel great and perform well. While you might be skeptical given Wilson's past drivers, but this one is worth of a demo, because it might just work for your game.


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