Review: Tin Cup Ball Marker

Marking your ball in style.
I’m sure you’ve either marked your ball with a sharpie yourself or seen someone who has a special way of marking their ball: dots, circles, letters, smiley faces, etc.  It really is nice to walk to a ball that didn’t hit the middle of the fairway and with just a quick glance identify it as your ball.  There is nothing more frustrating than to watch a fellow golfer, often playing a different hole, hit your ball as their own.
Now you can mark your ball in style, the exact same way every time.  Tin Cup makes half ball cups that are punched out of metal and has a stencil on it from all sorts of playful designs to your own custom design.  While there were number of designs I could have chosen, I decided to try out their custom department, since the iGr ambigram really lends itself well to the Tin Cup Stencil.

After 2 emails back and forth, the custom Tin Cup was ready to go.  It arrived a couple of weeks after the design was settled upon.  It comes in a velvet pouch, with a bag clip and a black ultra-fine Sharpie.  It really is pretty self-explanatory, you just put a ball in the Tin Cup and color in the stencil. Some stencils are designed to use multicolor Sharpies so just use the appropriate one for that section of the stencil.  Removed the ball and you are ready to go.  It dries almost instantly and had a really clean look even when coloring in the dimples.  It takes probably about 30 seconds to stencil 1 ball.

On the course it looks great and works really well, the marking stands out very nicely during play.  Since it just a sharpie on the ball, it does wear some during play.  If you hit directly on the stencil with a wedge you will see some shredding of the stencil.  If it hits a cart path or something like that, you will also see your stencil lose some luster.  But after 18 holes, (if you make it that long with one ball) your stencil will still be visible and legible on your ball.  It won’t look brand new, but decent.  You can re-stencil if you can line it up properly.  It isn’t too hard to do, just takes a little patience and a steady hand.

Tin Cup offers many different stencils.  They have fun ones, military symbols and many college logos all stock.  They start at $19.99.  If you want to go full custom it ranges from $75- $125 depending on how detailed your logo is. Tin Cups are a really nice stylish way to mark your ball.

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Quick Hits
+Unique ball mark
+Quick and easy
+Choice of Sharpie color
+Custom logo