Review: Tour Edge T-Balance Belly Putter

Tap-ins with the T-Balance
Putting is really the name of the game when it comes to golf, and yet this is where so many golfers find their greatest struggles.  Even at the professional level they are looking for any edge they can get to make more putts.  One way to make more putts it to have shorter putts to make.  While that will often rely on a good iron or short game, being able to execute the all so important lag putt is also key to more tap-ins.  For me the T-Balance belly putter created more tap-ins than any other putter I have ever used.

The belly putter is all the rage right now, so being that Tour Edge offers all their T-balance line in regular and belly putters, this was my first opportunity to put a belly putter in play.  I was skeptical at first and didn’t even know how to get fit for one.  So I just guessed when I ordered this one, later to find a couple of measuring technics to fit a belly putter confirming that I guessed right.  I ordered a 41” T-Balance 07 white putter. But they also offer it in black or in many other head styles.  There really are many combinations of color, style and length available.  Every putter in the T-balance line is a face balanced putter.

The biggest reason to move to a belly putter, as many pros have, is that it eliminates some variables.  With the butt end of the putter anchored in your belly, there aren’t near as many motions available to the putter.  It has to move around that fulcrum point.  This elimination of motions greatly aids in maintaining a consistent stroke hole after hole.  All that is left to judge is aim and speed, not nearly as much to worry about with stroke and arms. 

The T-balance head is a face balanced putter designed with a hosel that attaches to the back of the putter head giving the feeling of pulling the putter through the ball.  The 07 is an anser style with a T alignment off the flange.  It offers a very nice feel with a “ping” sound at impact.  It lines up so easily with the black line right down the center, extending onto the T-balance part.  It is topped with a nice long Winn belly putter grip.  The headcover is a nice mallet cover with a magnetic flap.

On the course is where I learned why so many pros and amateurs are switching to belly putters.  It sets up very nicely, aim was easy and learning distance control took no time to learn.  Even on my first round I had one of my better putting days.  While I maybe didn’t make any more putts than I normally did, it was one of the easiest putting rounds, because every second putt was a simple tap in.  I didn’t even come close to a three putt.  Lag putts are a piece of cake and close putts are just automatic.  I think if I could get my approach shots a little closer, I could really have a low number of putts with this putter.

I never thought I would even consider going to a belly putter, but this T-Balance 07 belly putter has me seriously thinking about keeping it in the bag permanently.  Add to that it is offered at a reasonable price.  Get more tap-ins with the Tour Edge T-Balance belly putter. 

Quick hits
+Eliminates stroke variables
+Nice sound and feel
+Easy to line up
+So many options of color and length

–Only face balanced putters