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I have used the Voraus golf glove for 6 rounds of golf.  I wear a glove for 100% of my golf rounds and tested these gloves against my regular gloves.  A selling point of Voraus gloves is the ability to use technology on the course without removing your golf glove.  Since I text, email and post on social media during my rounds of golf, I put the Voraus glove to the test.      

This is the definitive Voraus Golf Glove Review for 2021.

Remember the days when golf was uninterrupted for 4 hours?  There were no phone calls, no emails, no text messages, no photos for social media; none of those things were part of a round of golf.  Some private courses still enforce a no cell-phone policy, but those are few and far between.  I can’t think of a round of golf I’ve played over the last 5+ years that someone, if not everyone in the group, used their phone during a round of golf.  A potential problem is using your phone with your golf glove on.  Most cabretta leather gloves or synthetic gloves don’t allow you to use your smartphone at the same time. Voraus designed a glove which allows you to use your phone without removing your glove.  They call it “Through Touch”

The glove itself is a very nice cabretta leather golf glove.  They come in white or black and have lime green accents.  They fit nicely and work like every other golf glove.  They grip the club nicely and have a nice amount of stretch on the back to make them very comfortable.  They have a soft lining material that feels good against the skin. 

The uniqueness of the Voraus glove is the fingertip pads which allow you to use your smartphone without removing your glove.  They have 2 black fingertips on the thumb and pointer finger so that you can scroll your messages, type a response or easily take a photo.  It is seamless, comfortable and makes no difference to your club grip or swing.  You’d never even know the tips were there unless you look at them. (on the white glove)

So do you need a Voraus glove?  If you two hand  or left hand text and scroll this is a really nice addition to your bag, but if you are like me and hold, text and take pictures with your right hand then this gloves solves a problem that doesn’t exist. 


Smartphones and golf is a 1st world problem that isn’t going away in the future.  If you want to text, scroll and take pictures without removing your glove, Voraus Gloves work perfectly.  If you two glove it, I’d definitely want one of these. Since my glove hand is my left hand which I rarely use to text or scroll, I don’t need a Voraus for every round of golf.  That being said, the glove fits nicely, functions perfectly and is very durable. Voraus makes nice golf gloves whether you use your phone on the course or just focus on golf. 

Voraus Golf Glove – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Voraus Golf designed a golf glove that actually works with technology. Now you can leave your glove on and use your smartphone at the same time.

  • ✅  Pros: Nice fit, Comfortable, Quality, Durable, Works on smartphones.

  • ⛔  Cons: Not Necessary if you text/scroll with right hand.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Voraus Golf makes a very nice glove that can work with your smartphone whereas other gloves can't. But do you use two hands or your left hand?


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