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Your Golf Wingman Comes Prepared W/ Tunes, Distance, BITE, View, and Charger

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I enjoyed tunes and distances from my Bushell Wingman View GPS Speaker for 5 rounds of golf this summer.  I provided accurate distances while creating a fun atmosphere. giving me super fast and accurate distances. Bushnell upgraded the Wingman with the view feature which makes this a great golfing companion. 

This is the definitive Bushnell Wingman View GPS Speaker Review for 2023.


Everyone needs a reliable wingman. The whole point of a wingman is to support your attack/game. The Bushnell Wingman View is both GPS and Bluetooth Speaker. It combines 2 accessories golfers love on the golf course: music and distance. This is the second version of the Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker and the addition of View makes this exactly what golfers are looking for on the course.  A couple added bonus features make this the best GPS Speaker on the market.


The Bushnell Wingman View GPS Speaker is triangular shaped speaker which has Bite on one side and dual speakers on the other two sides.  Down the spine are some buttons and the front facing side has View.  This is a shift from the original Bushnell Wingman which was round.  The sound of this speaker is very good and more directed at the golfers riding or swing, not so much filling the whole golf course.  While it is still fairly omnidirectional, you can hear a difference depending on where you stand.  The speaker itself is very high quality, can play tunes rather loud and doesn’t distort, even turned all the way up.  That clarity and “boom” make this a great option for those who want to crank their tunes, but can do it respectfully of others on the course. Volume control is both on the speaker and the remote.


There was only one knock on the original Bushnell Wingman: you don’t know the distances without listening to the voice.  The Bushnell Wingman View GPS Speaker addresses that with a nice LCD screen on the front of the speaker.  It displays the front/middle/back yardage numbers, hole number, par, time and battery life.  I really like it for a number of reasons. 1. I don’t need to interrupt the music. 2. I don’t need my yardages yelled across the fairway. 3. It is faster to just look at the yardage than wait for the speaker.  I also love how the display rotates so no matter which way you mount the speaker, the display is right side up. I think View is the one of the features that sets it apart from all other GPS enabled speakers. 

GPS Distance

The Bushnell Wingman View GPS Speaker gets its GPS yardages from your phone.  It requires a connection to the Bushnell App.  It is quick and easy and surprisingly doesn’t take much phone battery power to run the GPS during your round.  The distances are quick and accurate, just like you’d expect from Bushnell. You can use the little remote to announce the distance.  It also works as a ball marker.  You can also adjust the volume from the remote, which can be nice as you approach other golfers. If you pull up the app you can see more distance features like layup distances and hazard distances. 

On-Course Features

The Bushnell Wingman View GPS Speaker has Bite which keeps the speaker securely attached to the cart. (Remember to grab it when your round is over) Because of the triangular design it rides on the outside of the support bar on the driver’s side and on the inside on the passenger side.  The other new features that I really appreciate is the charging port on the bottom which allow you to plug in your phone into the speaker in case it is running low on battery.  Obviously it will reduce your speaker’s battery life, none of it works if your phone dies.  I still was able to get 36 holes in with one charge, even with a phone plugged in.


The Bushnell Wingman View GPS Speaker added a couple features to the original model which make it an excellent upgrade and functions incredibly well on the golf course.  While not everyone wants music while they play golf, but for those who do, this is the best combination of technologies in an excellent sounding speakers, accurate GPS, View, BITE and charger.  This Wingman does it all during your round of golf. 

For more information: Bushnell Website

Bushnell Wingman View GPS Speaker – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Bushnell continues expander their distance devices. The Wingman View offers music, GPS, View, BITE and Charging which makes it the best speaker/GPS on the market.

  • ✅  Pros: Excellent sound, Accurate Distances, Good battery life, Charging port, View display, Remote, BITE, App functions.

  • ⛔  Cons: Requires phone.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Bushnell Wingman View GPS Speaker rocks tunes and GPS on the course with a View display. The combination of form and function make this the best on the market. This Wingman comes ready to assist your game with accurate distances, your favorite music and can even charge your phone.


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