Wosports H-100 Laser Rangefinder Review

Compact/Lightweight Distances at a Bargain

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I used the Wosports H-100 Laser Rangefinder for 5 rounds of golf.  Wosports sells their laser rangefinders off their website or on Amazon.  They make low priced compact lasers with many of the features founds on more expensive brands.  The H-100 is one of the smallest and lightest lasers I’ve ever used, but still packed with big features.

This is the definitive Wosports H-100 Laser Rangefinder Review.


I probably do 85% of my shopping on Amazon. I can’t say I shop for golf items there yet, but in a recent search, the golf items on Amazon have moved from poorly made trinkets to legit accessories that can compete with the big OEMs.  Wosports is proof that you don’t need to spend hundreds on a laser rangefinder, since you can get the H-100 which is full featured, lightweight, compact laser at a bargain.  (you can even get it the next day if you have Prime)

The Wosports H-100 Laser Rangefinder is small and lightweight.  You can see from the picture above how small it is in my hands.  It is also very lightweight which won’t weigh your bag down, nor will it take up much space in your pockets.  If you are going for a minimalist set up, this is probably the best option I’ve used for small and lightweight.  It still feels well built and durable if you toss it around.  I also like the white which makes it less likely for me to forget it on the ground or in the cart.

The Wosports H-100 Laser Rangefinder has most of the bells and whistles of other brands.  The replaceable battery is nice since it will last an entire season and/or you can have an extra battery in the bag.  The case is a nice simple magnetic case that clips onto the bag with a latching hook.  The rangefinder has 2 buttons on top.  One for on/off and distances; the other for mode options.  This is pretty much the standard on every laser rangefinder.  The optics are clear and give actual distances and adjusted distances.  It has a couple “target” style options and the eye piece can spin to adjust focus.

On-course, the Wosports H-100 Laser Rangefinder does a nice job of locking onto flags and giving accurate real distance and adjusted distances with slope (which can be turned off for tournament play).  I found almost identical numbers between this unit and my gamer unit.  The numbers are easy to read and usually only took 1 shot to get them.  I often shoot twice just to be certain I hit the flag (or my target).  However this unit rarely needed the double distance check.

So what doesn’t the Wosports H-100 Laser Rangefinder have?  It doesn’t have the big price tag of many other brands.  This is obviously a big part of the story.  However it doesn’t have a magnet on the side of the rangefinder for attaching to the support arm of a power cart.  While not every laser does, most do now.  It also doesn’t have the heft/weight and size of many units have which helps stabilize them in your hand.  If you are a little shaky, this laser will be affected more than most.  It doesn’t have years of brand awareness which could lead to a lack of confidence in the product like a big OEM has. However that isn’t founded in reality.  All things considered, this a solid unit that functions well and offers many features that cost much more in other units.


The Wosports H-100 Laser Rangefinder is a low cost/high feature distance measuring devices that you can get off Amazon (the next day if you have Prime).  If you already have a laser, this won’t replace the model you have; but if you are a GPS person or currently have no measuring device, this is a bargain opportunity to have a compact/lightweight laser in your bag.

For more information: Wosports.com

Wosports H-100 Laser Rangefinder – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Wosports offers a low cost full featured laser rangefinder. While it may not have the big name brand attached to it, it has a bargain price.

  • ✅  Pros: Compact, Lightweight, Easy to use, Full season battery life, White, Nice magnetic case.

  • ⛔  Cons: No magnet, Too lightweight for stability, Lesser known brand.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Wosports H-100 Laser Rangefinder is a bargain. It is fully featured and works well on the course. It is compact and lightweight and offers accurate distances with or without slope.


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