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Adidas Golf Shoes have been leading the way with innovation and style.  Their variety of offerings from their pro level spiked shoes to their most casual spikeless shoes continue to be top performers on the golf course.  The newest version of CODECHAOS shoes are their best yet.  I’ve worn these shoes for 7 rounds  of golf and off the course for numerous occasions.

 This is the definitive Adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA Spikeless Shoes Review for 2022.

Adidas could not have found a better name for a shoe over the last couple years than CODECHAOS.  It seems like our world is full of “chaos” no matter where you are or what the topic is.  While we thought we were over the pandemic, there just seems to be new headlines and issues that throw our world into confusion.  I think for many of us, the golf course is place of peace and joy.  It is even better when your shoes can match that attitude.  The new Adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA Spikeless Shoes do more than that, they Turn up Your Game in every way; performance, comfort, style and fit.  These are one of the best spikeless shoes you can wear to turn up your golf game.

The Adidas CODECHAOS 22 Spikeless Shoes comes in at least 10 different color options.  They have regular laces as well as BOA.  As you might already know, I’m a huge fan of BOA.  The CODECHAOS 22 BOA Spikeless Shoes come in 3 different color options; white/navy, black/silver, grey/orange. I went with the white/navy shoes which are one of the most stylish shoes I have to wear.  They have a blend of “athletic” yet modern and even a touch of classy.  The BOA dial is on the side and the BOA “laces” are hidden under a zippered upper.  The stain-resistant and waterproof  recycled material uppers have a really nice looking texture to them.

The Adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA Spikeless Shoes have amazing traction. They have what Adidas calls “Twist Grip outsole with gripmore® rubber” which means they offer excellent flex for walking and swinging so that no matter what motion your foot is making, the rubber spikeless sole flexes to stay connected with the ground.  The spikeless pattern on these is unique with the various zones, shapes and styles of “spikes” on the sole.  The spikeless sole even wraps around the foot some and up the sides which is surprisingly useful as your swing doesn’t always keep your feet flat to the ground. These have all the comfort and off course function of spikeless shoes, but amazing traction while on the course.

The Adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA Spikeless Shoes are incredibly comfortable right out of the box for walking 18 holes.  The BOOST midsole goes from heel to toe which offers the perfect balance of cushion and firm while walking.  Adidas BOOST is all about absorbing energy and returning it to your foot in a good way while walking.  That “bounce” in you step is very real while golf in these shoes.  The comfort, performance and stability all start with the Twist Grip sole which transfers up into the BOOST midsole. It is a perfect balance between being squishy and firm.

The Adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA Spikeless Shoes fit perfectly. BOA makes it easy to get those micro adjustments with just a click of the dial.  I’m sure the laced version of these shoes are awesome too, BOA is the best.  These are so easy to put on when you release the BOA since they open up wide, but then click down just as fast.  The zipper upper is really more for looks and keeping the dirt out of the shoes than anything else.  The BOA wrap around the feet is perfect in these shoes which can be locked down tight, but comfortably so. There isn’t a hint of pinch or uncomfortable pressure while wearing these shoes.

The Adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA Spikeless Shoes really turn up your game.  While it seems strange to talk about shoes improving your golf game, but my scores while wearing these shoes were really good.  It could be a coincidence of timing and better swings, but lower scores were certainly welcomed while wearing these shoes.  The on-course traction is superior, the walking comfort is real and the fact that I never once thought about my shoes while playing means they did their job exceptionally well.  I don’t know your golf shoe “situation” but if you want some serious performance, comfort, and style from a spikeless shoe, these are as good as it gets.


The Adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA Spikeless shoes are my favorite new shoes for 22.  They offer the perfect mix of style, comfort, fit and performance.  BOA is done perfectly in these shoes which adds to all the regular features these shoes offer.  Turn Up Your Game with performance for your game while helping the planet by wearing recycled materials and doing it all in style.

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Adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA Spikeless Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Adidas is an inovator and leader in golf shoes that perform. The CODECHASO 22 shoes are a testiment to their committment in every category; performance, comfort, fit and style.

  • ✅  Pros: BOA fit is perfect, BOOST comfort in every step, Twist Grip spikeless traction, Recycle material, Stylish, Waterproof, Stain-resistant, Better scores.

  • ⛔  Cons: None.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA Spikeless shoes can turn up your game with their fit and function on or off the course. The CODECHAOS shoes are great in every category and when you add BOA they are the best shoe for 2022.


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