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Ryan Heiman
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Fall rounds in AZ have been guided by the Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker.  Tunes were also blasting during those rounds with crystal clear sound.  This GPS Speaker combo is the best on the market right now because of the touchscreen GPS and excellent sound quality.  

This is the definitive Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker Review for 2023.


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GPS Speakers??

I’m not sure the debate will ever end about music on the golf course, but headway has certainly been made over the last 5 years making it normal to hear music blasting during 18 holes.  If your 4-some like to enjoy the top-40 while playing your Saturday round, it seems normal.  If you are going to be blasting music, having GPS included just makes things effecient. Why have a speaker and a separate GPS unit, just combine them into one excellent and functional golf accessory. The Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker is the best on the market right now in terms of sound and GPS function.

High Quality Speaker

The is a round Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker is a good sized speaker with excellent sounds quality.  While I’m not an audio snob, I’ve been impressed by how loud and clear the sound is from the Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker. It has dual subwoofers on the top and bottom which really give it that deep clear bass. I found that it sounds good in the cart, but great when you step away from the cart.  I think because of how close you are to the sound and the round design, it sounds best when your ears can take in all the sound, rather than just the short distance between the cart arm and your face. Simply pair it with your Bluetooth phone and rock tunes all 18 holes.

Touch Screen

The touch screen GPS of the Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker is what sets it apart from the competition.  I don’t think there is another unit out there that has such and easy to read, bright, and functional screen all in one.  You can see if from pretty far away, and you can slide it to get additional hole information like how far you drove the ball, where the hazards are and some basic things like score and audio adjustments.  If you press the button below the screen the GPS will talk to you so you can hear the distances too.

GPS Functions

The Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker gets its GPS yardages from your phone.  It requires a connection to the Blue Tees App.  It is quick and easy and surprisingly doesn’t take much phone battery power to run the GPS during your round.  The distances are quick and accurate, just like you’d expect. Everything is mostly done automatically so you just play like normal and either glance at the screen or press the button.  The app has additional information about the hole visually too.

App Features

The Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker runs off the Blue Tees App.  It connects quickly and easily to your phone (Apple or Android) and gives the yardages and information based on your phone.  It has virtually every golf course loaded into the app and allows you to keep score, get advice and apply all the Blue Tees tech to your golf game.  The app can run in the background to the point that you never even look at your phone during the round or you can keep it ready and use the additional app features to apply even more information while playing. They do have an annual subscription fee for additional information which comes free for the first year.  I wish they’d offer all that information included for free for life, but understand business models design to make money beyond just the sale of the product.

Functional Details

The Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker has a magnetic strip to hold it firmly and securely to the cart arm.  It is great for either driver or passenger side of the cart and still allow for almost 360* sound. The unit is IPX7 waterproof so you can use this even if there is a threat of weather and not worry about it.  It also has a charging port so if your phone’s battery is running low you can give it some juice.  The battery life of the Player+ GPS Speaker is impressive.  It is rated for 10 hours which I found easily last 2 rounds and for me went 3 rounds without charging.  It also has good Bluetooth range so if you take your phone with you to the green, your speaker won’t miss a beat.  If you have a whole fleet of Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speakers you can link them together for one booming party.


The Blue Tee Player+ GPS Speaker is the best combo of GPS and Speaker on the market right now.  The sound quality, touch screen GPS and little features make this a top product.  The deal this holiday season along with the IGR 10% off code means you can get this amazing GPS Speaker at a great price.  While not everyone has adopted music on the course, this GPS Speaker is the best you can buy for great sound and touch screen GPS. 

For more information: Blue Tees Website

Use Coupon Code IGR for 10% off

Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Blue Tees Golf expands their rangefinder line with a GPS speaker which offers a combination of the best features in sound and function.

  • ✅  Pros: Deep bass, Clear audio, Touchscreen GPS, Accurate Distances, Long battery life, Magnetic cart connection, Charging port, Useful app functions.

  • ⛔  Cons: Requires phone.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker offers booming music, touchscreen GPS, and excellent on-course functions. While music still might not be for every golfer, the quality of this GPS speaker is the best on the market. IF you are looking for the best sounds with touchscreen GPS and app connectivity, Blue Tees will help you play and enjoy all 18 holes.


Use Coupon Code IGR for 10% off

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