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Every Drive You'll Say: "I Smoked That One"

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I gamed the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver for 6 rounds this winter.  Some version of Callaway has been my gamer driver for the last 5 season.  The AI Smoke driver is their best yet.  They shifted some technology that has long been in their drivers so that they could maximize weight distribution along with increased AI face technology.  This is one of the hottest drivers for 2024 and it will have you saying, “I Smoked That One.”          

This is the definitive Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver Review for 2024.


Real Player AI Smart Face?

When I think of AI I think of a computer crunching all these abstract numbers and coming to conclusions that sounds good on paper, but sound like a computer.  Callaway used AI in connection with thousands of real player data, swings and hits to create a “smart” face.  This in and of itself isn’t new since there has been variable face technology for a long time and we’ve heard about hit zones on driver faces for numerous generations of clubs, but AI Smart Face is taking that to the next level to create a face that truly is “hot” everywhere you hit it.  Since this is the only part of the club that comes in contact with the ball, it is also the most important piece of technology in a driver.  I have not been finding the center of the face as often as I’d like lately with my driver, but the consistency of distance with the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver has been nothing less than extraordinary.

No More Jailbreak

When Callaway discover the connection between the crown and the sole I thought Jailbreak might be here to stay.  However they also found the added head structure required weight in places that could be better utilized for higher MOI and more precise weight distribution.  The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver still has incredibly high rebound strength and face action without Jailbreak. This created a lighter chassis so they can distribute more weight lower and back while adding more carbon fiber in other places.  The new head design has better weighting and sounds even better.  This combo feels even hotter.

Triple Diamond

Low Spin isn’t for everyone, but for those of us generate plenty of spin through speed or mechanics need something to lower the spin.  How much is always debatable.  You may remember while back a big push to have high launch and low spin (1700).  I never found too many drivers that went much below 2000 rpms.  It seems like every time I go in for a fitting, it is always about lowering spin to maximize distance.  I love the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver because of the low spin numbers I’m getting.  I haven’t increased my swing speed as much as I’d like, but my spin and launch numbers sure are good with this driver.  It has really cut down my spin even more than previous Triple Diamond/LS models.  I haven’t got through all the 2024 drivers yet, but from my testing so far, I believe this one is going to push for the lowest spin numbers in 2024.

2024 Performance!!

I’ve heard the same refrain from haters year after year…the new drivers aren’t any longer than older models because the USGA has limits and almost every driver is maxed out…It is simply not true because no human golfer can repeat their swing like a robot.  Even robot testing shows that not all drivers are the same, even if they all have .830 coefficiency.  The AI Smart Face is the key to maximizing distance because every incremental mishit required face variation to get the most out of it.  This is why the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver is better than previous models and will give you longer drives.  Sure dead perfect center of the face shots might not be much longer, every other hit off the face will be.  While you might call it forgiveness, it is more than that, it is consistency of speed every where on the face.

Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver Stats

Data from Flightscope MEVO+ 2023 Launch Monitor

➜ Spin: 1891 rpms

➜ Launch Angle: 13.1*

➜ Dispersion: 7.0 yds

➜ Club Head Speed: 102.3 mph

➜ Ball Speed: 155.8 mph

➜ Total Distance: 298.7 yds

➜ Carry Distance: 279.5 yds


2024 is off to a hot start with the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver.  You and your buddies will be saying: “You smoked that one” on every tee.  The AI Smart Face is legit technology helping every shot come off the face with similar numbers.  While the Triple Diamond version is for faster swings and higher spinners, it is surprisingly easy to hit, offers great launch, plenty of forgiveness and outstanding distance + good feel.  If you are playing an older driver you can increase your average driving distance with this club because the entire face is hot.  I can’t promise Callaway is going to be my gamer in 2024, but it sure is looking like with these these results.  If you want to “smoke” some drives, check out the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver for 2024.      

For more information: Callaway Website

Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Callaway does it again by upping their game through AI technology paired with real human testing models. The AI Smart Face is hot everywhere and you are going to "smoke" your drives.

  • ✅  Pros: AI Smart Face, Forgiving, High Launch, LOW Spin, Nice feel, Higher average distance.

  • ⛔  Cons: Triple Diamond too low spin for some golfers. Least forgiving model.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you want to upgrade your current driver, this is the time to invest in a driver face that will retain ball speed no matter where you hit it. The AI design means you'll probably find the spots they improved so that all your drives are "smoked". I'm impressed by the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver. The low spin numbers are impressive as is the consistency on every drive.


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