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On February 16, 2024, Edel Golf will launch their Array line-up of putters. The story that follows these new putter offerings into the launch is their simplified fitting process though a modular design. This simplified process not only expedites the fitting process for the consumer, but it also permits tinkering with adjustments on their own throughout their tenure with the Array putter.

This is Spyzinger’s definitive look at Edel Array Putters for 2024.


Array Putters?

This collection of Edel Array Putters consists of three mallet shaped putters (F-1, F-2, F-3) as well as a wide bodied blade (B-1). The mallets are constructed from a forged 6061 aluminum frame and forged 1025 carbon steel striking surface. The blade is constructed from a one piece 1025 carbon steel. Both the blade and the striking surface of the mallets are finished with a Diamond Back Metal (DMB) coating which isn’t prone to scratching and wear.

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Edel Array Putter Features:

-Three progressive mallet shapes, one wide bodied blade.

-Four adjustable hosels (slant, single bend, long plumber, short plumber.

-Six interchangeable alignment plates. Single line or single dot alignment options (B-1). -Multiple weighting configurations through adjustable weight screws (5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g).

-Optional Tour Lock Opti-Vibe internal shaft weights (30g, 50g, 75g).

-Four stock grip options.

Edel Technology

Through research, Edel has found that 94% of the direction the ball does is dictated by the aim of the putter face at impact. Further, they discovered that only 3% of golfers aim correctly at address. “All golfers have an aim bias. Every line and visible attribute of a putter drives one’s eyes to a specific location and based on aim bias, will dictate where the putter is aimed. Aim Bias is the tendency to align the putter in a direction other than that which is intended.” -Edel Golf

The Edel fitting process is designed to further dial in your alignment, stroke, and speed. These three elements are manipulated through the six alignment plates (two sight options on the B-1), four hosel options, and adjustable weight screws. As complex as these fitting options sound, they’re relatively simplified through the use of of T-25 Torx screws which have become an industry standard in golf clubs. The hosel, alignment plates, and weight screws are all secured with the Torx screws which permit easy changes in the fitting and tinkering process alike.

2024 Gamer

Having played a mallet putter the better part of the last ten years, I thought I would gravitate toward a mallet once again in the Edel Array line. From the moment I took it out of the box and set it up at address, I fell in love with the shape of the B-1. The attraction was almost instant. The B-1 isn’t your normal blade either. It is slightly wider than a normal blade, yet slightly narrower than a “square back” type design. The B-1 lives somewhere right in the middle and its shape and size were absolutely perfect to my eyes.

The B-1 was set up with a slant neck hosel, and single dot alignment. From heel to toe and face to cavity, the set-up frames the ball perfectly to my eye and exudes confidence even before the stroke is drawn back. The feeling off the face is more of a crisp pop in contrasted to a muted mush. Having come from a tenure with face balanced mallets, there is a sensation of feeling the face close to square with more motivation than I am used to, which was actually a welcomed benefit.

The Array B-1 has gone right into the bag and has earned it’s spot as the gamer to start the 2024 golf season.

2024 Back Up Putter

From the perspective of familiarity with what I have had in the bag for the past several years, on paper, the Edel F-1 has more of the look that I have been accustom to. Designed as a high MOI modern mallet, it’s shape is no stranger to the game. For the F-1 I went with the single bend hosel which is my typical choice in mallet designs. It seems be less of a visual distraction and frames the ball nicely at address. From an aim perspective, the two line alignment plate seemed to be the most attractive to me from an alignment and visual perspective.

Round Grip?

Another surprise in this Array experience was the round, non-tapered putter grip designed by Edel Golf. This grip was designed round, void of sharp edges that may further impact alignment. According to Edel, it is further designed to provide more consistent grip pressure and less face rotation during the stroke. The grip feels very natural in the hands and also implies confidence at alignment and address.

Modular Design

The aspect I appreciate most about the design of the Edel Array line is the modularity of the design. Even after a fitting, the interchangeable hosels and alignment plates along with the sole weights allow for further experimentation without having to purchase a new putter. For myself specifically, this is a welcomed benefit as I continue to work with my PGA professional on alignment, aim, speed, and direction. As my swing evolves, the putter can evolve along with it from a fitting perspective as a result of the modular design. It truly is the best of both worlds and permits the customer significant flexibility with a putter they already own. For the tinkerer, this can also be a considerable cost savings as well. The selling feature and on course experience with this putter is its unquestioned stability. Off center hits stay online but of course this comes at a sacrifice of feedback from the head. The F-1 has a much more of a muted feel and sound at impact. As a face balanced mallet, it has more of a feel I am used to from a straight back and through stroke that I have long had with the putter.


I am pleased with the release of this Array putter line from Edel Golf. It simplifies the fitting process while remaining just as comprehensive for the player. With it’s modular design, a fit and finished putter can be adjusted and tinkered with even after the fitting. With the ability to adjust both the alignment aids, hosel, and weight of the putter, it is a cost effective option for the player that wants evolving options in a putter without having to purchase an entirely new club. It also allows the player to always revert back to the putter they were fitted to. The construction, finish and design of the Array line is a premium product and can hold its own among the milled options in the golf marketplace. The Array line is a high quality product with a level of adjustability that can be accomplished by the consumer as opposed to a tour department. As mentioned, the Array is going directly in the bag in 2024.

For More information: Edel Golf Website

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