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Computers Will Make You A Better Putter

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The Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter was in the bag for 5 rounds this fall and rolled some of the most consistently good putts I’ve ever seen come off my putter. While it looks like a simple anser style putter, it has “hidden” technology which works.   I like the blade like putter, but the technology is in their entire new line up.

This is my official Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter Review for 2023.

Is Ai taking over the world?

 By now you have probabaly read how AI is being used in every industry, even golf reviews are being written by computers (not iGolfReviews).  We’ve all see the Si-Fi movies where computers take over the world.  I’m not convinced we need to worry about dooms day just yet, but the application of Ai in the golfing world has certainly been impressive.  The Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter takes computer generated models and applies them to face design for consistency of roll.  My first go around with it has been nothing short of impressive.

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White Hot Ai Insert

Odyssey has long been known for the White Hot insert.  While I’ve historically preferred non-insert putters, this Ai insert might have me converting.  The Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter has an aluminum backed White Hot Urethane face insert which has contours to create consistent roll across the face.  Since putter are in the hands of people and not robots, this technology works to balance out our inconsistencies with consistent direction and distance.

Ai Window

Looking at the face of the Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter may not look any different than any other Odyssey putter with a White Hot insert, they gave us a peak at the AI insides with a window.  This may be one of the cooler things I’ve seen done in a putter.  The panlite window has an automotive grade polymer so you can see the aluminum Ai technology behind the face. It gives you insight into the design which has what looks like an angled ridge of aluminum in the middle of the face.  This is all part of what Ai discovered our inconsistent putting stroked needed for most consistent rolls.

Adjustable Weights

There are 2 adjustable weights on the sole of the Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter.  They come with stock weights that come December you’ll be able to change out for 5, 10, 15 or 20 gram weights in either the toe or the heel.  You can mix and match to fit your stroke and feel preference. As it comes stock, I’m really happy with the weights on the sole and the feel.  Sometimes stock is OK too when it works, but being able to dial the putter in to each golfers specifics is beneficial, especially in a putter fitting.

Head Shape Options

Odyssey always offers their putter in numerous head shapes.  The Ai-One and Ai-One Milled comes in at least 8 models.  I currently see 5 Ai-One versions on the Odyssey website.  Blades, hybrid and mallets.  I’m sure you can find the one that best suits your eye and stroke style.  As arch putter, the Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter is appealing to my toe hang needs and compact preference.   I like the plumber neck off-set and the single flange line for alignment.  These all work together to fit my eye and stroke on the green.  If you need more alignment help or prefer more straight back and straight through putting, then look at the other models.  While it might seem like a simple #2 blade putter, this things is far more than meets the eye with its Ai tech.

Stokes Lab Shaft and Ai Grip

The Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter wouldn’t be complete without a Strokes Lab 90 gram steel putter shaft that has 20 grams counter balanced up toward the grip.  While I don’t like counter balanced driver shafts, I’m more than happy to have one in my putter.  While I still like to feel the head of the putter, moving some of the weight under my hands also helps smooth out the stroke which leads to better consistency. While the grip is their Ai pistol grip, it is still a normal pistol grip which feel great and has nice size in the hands.  You have the option to go with other grips that fit your preference.


The Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter is like a robot on the greens.  While sure it is still in my hands so I didn’t make every putt I rolled, but when the ball does virtually the same thing every time off the face it is hard not to notice the consistency.   I have been impressed by putt after putt rolling true, straight and similar distance.  If the putt didn’t drop, it was typically very close to the hole for very easy tap in putts.  I found some of my best under 10′ putting I’ve ever had with this putter.  It can’t make putts for you, but it certainly instills confidence that it will put the same roll on the ball each time you putt.


The Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter isn’t leaving the bag anytime soon.  I’ve been rolling the ball as good as ever on the greens.  I’ve been impressed how Odyssey incorporated Ai technology into a simple anser style putter.  I think it is even cooler that they gave us peak inside with the Ai window too.  The combination of Ai technology, White Hot Insert, head shape and over all success means Odyssey has a winner with their Ai-One line.  Pick your shape and enjoy more consistent rolls on the green.

For more information: Odyssey Website

Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Odyssey offers 5 models in their Ai-One Series putters. They all have Ai tech paired with the White Hot insert. Computer models created contours to offer the most consistent roll.

  • 💰 Price $299.00.

  • ✅  Pros Ai White Hot Urethane Insert, Ai window, Navy Blue PVD finish, Strokes Lab Shaft, Adjustable weights, Amazing feel, Success on the green.

  • ⛔  Cons No traditioinal finishes (yet).

  • ⛳  Verdict The Odyssey Ai-One #2 Putter is a blade putter with Ai tech that works. The conistent roll comes from the White Hot face backed with an Ai aluminum insert which can be seen through the Ai window. It simply works on the greens to make you putt more like a robot with conistency of distance and line.


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